Avoid real estate scams in Oklahoma City.

Avoid real estate scams in Oklahoma City.

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What are real estate scams?  

Are you planning on selling your house? It's exciting but also risky, especially with the rise in real estate scams. Real estate scams happen when scammers pose as real estate professionals to facilitate false transactions in order to steal money and assets. When you’re selling your house in Oklahoma City, it’s important to know how to protect yourself from fraudulent buyers. Let’s go over the housing scams to look out for in Oklahoma City, as well as what you can do to mitigate risk.

Common real estate scams in Oklahoma City 

As you’re selling your house in Oklahoma City, you need to watch out for these scams: 

  • Fake home listings: One local scam to be aware of is cyber scammers who create fake home listings. These scammers use online platforms to post attractive property listings that don't actually exist. They may request upfront fees or personal information before disappearing. To protect yourself, always verify the legitimacy of online listings. Stick to reputable real estate websites and buyers, and if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Fraudulent home buyers: Local real estate markets often attract fraudulent home buyers. These scammers pretend to be legitimate buyers that offer quick, easy transactions. They may present fake documentation or make unusual payment requests. To avoid falling victim to such scams, thoroughly research any potential buyers. Look for online reviews, check if they have a professional website, and make sure they provide a physical address.

  • Mail and wire fraud: Mail and wire fraud scams can happen anywhere. Scammers may send you checks for an amount higher than the agreed-upon price and ask you to wire the difference, and they can even pose as an agent you are working with. A legitimate buyer will follow standard payment procedures, so always ask for official confirmation before sending payment. Be cautious and always verify your transactions.

  • Title theft: Title theft is a serious scam where fraudsters steal titles to homes and other properties. They may forge signatures or engage in identity theft. Remember to protect your personal information, and consider using a title company to ensure a secure transaction. 

How to find a legitimate home buyer 

It’s important to work with a buyer you can trust. Now that you're aware of the local real estate scams to watch out for, here’s how We Buy Ugly Houses®, a legitimate cash home buyer, differs from fraudulent buyers out there: 

  • No pressure tactics: Unlike scammers who pressure you into quick decisions, we believe in a guided selling process that puts you in control. We'll work at your pace to make sure you're comfortable every step of the way. 

  • Satisfied customers: When you’re unsure of what home buyer to work with, you can base your decision on feedback from sellers just like you. Since 1996, we have helped over 140,000 homeowners get a home sale that works for them. We are committed to providing personalized service for a successful selling experience, and we encourage you to read the reviews of our satisfied customers to see what other sellers have to say.

  • Transparency and experience: We’ve been in the business of buying houses for a long time. With over 25 years of experience in helping home sellers get the easy sale they want, our 95%* customer satisfaction rate speaks for itself. 

Avoid real estate scams and sell to a cash home buyer 

When you sell to We Buy Ugly Houses, you get an easy home sale that focuses on you, the seller. It happens in 3 steps: 

  1. Reach out to us: You can contact We Buy Ugly Houses through our website or by calling us at 866-200-6475 to schedule an in-person consultation at your convenience. Once we get there, we’ll gather some basic information about your property to kickstart the selling process. 

  2. Get a cash offer: Once we have the necessary details about your property, our local property experts will assess its value and can give you a no-obligation, all-cash offer. Since we base our valuations on your home’s condition and on sales of homes similar to yours, you can trust that our offer will be fair.

  3. Schedule your closing date: If you accept our cash offer, the final step is to schedule your closing date. We work with your timeline to provide a convenient, stress-free closing process. Whether you need a quick sale or more time to prepare for your move, we'll accommodate your schedule. We can often close in as little as three weeks, but we work with our sellers individually to find a date that works best for them. 

Protect yourself from real estate scams with We Buy Ugly Houses®

Selling your house should be a rewarding and secure experience, free from the nightmares of real estate scams. By staying informed about local scams and what you can do to avoid them, you can protect yourself from any potential pitfalls. And if you want to stay clear of risky buyers, you can always consider selling your house to We Buy Ugly Houses in Oklahoma City. We are America’s #1 home buyer, committed to your satisfaction and peace of mind. The safety of your home sale matters to us, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.