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How To Sell Your Elgin House Fast

Typically, the home selling process takes around 3 months, but it is possible to sell your home much faster than that. Work with We Buy Ugly Houses®. You can get a cash quote today and get your home sold quickly and easily.

You can also sell your home fast by putting it on the market, but you’ll have to do some extra work to land and offer and make your house more attractive to potential buyers. Here are our top recommendations for steps you can make to sell your house in Elgin, IL fast.

1. Hire A Top Elgin Real Estate Agent

Most of the time, real estate agents are paid a commission for selling your home. While it’s true that they only get paid when the home sells, it’s also true that they get paid the same amount whether the house sells in a week or a year.

With that in mind, it easy to see why it’s in the seller’s best interest to find the best real estate agent in their area. To find the best agent near you, you can ask around for recommendations or look online for agents that have stellar reviews from past clients.

Once you’ve found a couple of good prospects, you should reach out and schedule a time to interview them one-on-one. This will give them a chance to look at the house and give you the opportunity to discuss exactly how they plan to sell your home.

Will they just “throw” the listing on the MLS and call it a day? Or will they put in the work to earn their commission and get the house sold ASAP?

You can also sell your home fast and avoid paying any commission at all by working with us.

2. Get Ready For Showings

Once you’ve hired an agent, ask them for advice on how you can best prepare for showings. Once the house is on the market, you’ll need to make a good first impression on any potential buyers that come to view your home.

Here are a few things your agent may recommend:

  • Make repairs and pay for updates
  • Find a professional maid service
  • Pay for professional photos
  • Put all pets in a kennel while the house is on the market
  • Deep clean all the carpets in the home

Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it will be worth it when you find an interested buyer in half the time.

3. Sell Your Elgin Home For Cash

Following these steps should help you sell your home fast, but it’s possible to avoid all this work and still get an offer on your home.

At We Buy Ugly Houses®, we purchase homes as-is and we pay cash. This means you don’t have to worry about repairs or bank approvals.

When we buy a house:

  • We pay you cash – no waiting for bank approvals and loans!
  • We pay closing costs – sellers avoid paying fees out of pocket!
  • We buy “as-is” — you don’t have to worry about repairs, cleaning or repainting!
  • We close fast – get cash for your home quick!

Learn about We Buy Ugly Houses® and see for yourself why we are America’s #1 Home Buyer!

Get a quote online or call us now at 866-200-6475.

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