Chicago Blog | May 2017

How Gentrification is Affecting Housing Prices in Chicago

When a formerly depressed neighborhood suddenly becomes hot, rapid growth can transform an area almost overnight. But it can also bring expensive growing pains. Is gentrification making Chicago unaffordable? Gentrification can happen quickly. As higher-income buyers move into a growing neighborhood, the cost of living goes up. Rents typically escalate, forcing poor and working-class families […]

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The Oldest Neighborhoods in Chicago

Chicago has roots back to the late 17th century when French explorers and missionaries first made contact with the Potawatomi natives. The Battle at Fort Dearborn caused the early settlers to leave the area. From there, real estate was built very quickly because of the desire for easy access to transportation. After that, Chicago quickly […]

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Are Homes in Chicago Worth Less Than Before the Housing Market Crash?

Are Chicago Homes Worth Less Than Before the Housing Market Crash? A decade after the housing market crash, two out of three homes in America still aren’t worth as much as they were in 2007. How does the Chicago real estate market compare to the rest of the nation? The answer may surprise you. The […]

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