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Secret cash hidden in Chicago house

You found $10,000 in a house. Now What?   What should you do if you find thousands of dollars in cash behind a couch?   That was the $10,000 question Jim Dow had to answer when he discovered stacks of money inside a Calumet Heights house he’d just purchased in Chicago, IL.   Dow owns and operates […]

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Is Foundation Shifting Affecting Your Home in Chicago?

During the home building process, a great deal of excavation is done to make room for the new house. The soil around the home is dug up and later used to fill in the area around the home’s foundation. Over time, it’s expected that this soil will shift and settle due to the weight of […]

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Former Chicago Bulls Legends Have Difficulty Selling Their Homes

It is no surprise that NBA players make insane salaries. According to Bulls Nation, the minimum salary for a brand new NBA star will be $525,093. Seasoned players will make incredible amounts of money as well. Dwyane Wade made $23,200,000 for the 2016-2017 season. That is certainly enough to splurge on luxury homes and mansions […]

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How to Get Your Real Estate License in Chicago

Thinking about a career in real estate? With more and more construction in Illinois, especially in Chicago, there’s serious money to be made for real estate agents who are willing to put in the hard work that’s necessary for success. If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are the steps you’ll have to take. […]

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Mortgage Default Rate in Illinois

The mortgage industry is still recovering from the housing crisis that occurred in 2008. Mortgage default rates in Illinois have a huge impact on the economy, and they can be used as in indicator of current and future growth. In cities like Chicago, homeowners continue to face the possibility of defaulting on their home mortgages […]

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Can an Executor Sell a House without Beneficiaries Approving it in Illinois?

In Illinois, Can an Executor Sell Property Without the Beneficiaries Approving? As the executor of an estate, you may be called on to sell a house to pay off debts or expenses, or simply to distribute the estate among the beneficiaries. But things can get complicated when the beneficiaries can’t agree whether or not to […]

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How Gentrification is Affecting Housing Prices in Chicago

When a formerly depressed neighborhood suddenly becomes hot, rapid growth can transform an area almost overnight. But it can also bring expensive growing pains. Is gentrification making Chicago unaffordable? Gentrification can happen quickly. As higher-income buyers move into a growing neighborhood, the cost of living goes up. Rents typically escalate, forcing poor and working-class families […]

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The Oldest Neighborhoods in Chicago

Chicago has roots back to the late 17th century when French explorers and missionaries first made contact with the Potawatomi natives. The Battle at Fort Dearborn caused the early settlers to leave the area. From there, real estate was built very quickly because of the desire for easy access to transportation. After that, Chicago quickly […]

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Are Homes in Chicago Worth Less Than Before the Housing Market Crash?

Are Chicago Homes Worth Less Than Before the Housing Market Crash? A decade after the housing market crash, two out of three homes in America still aren’t worth as much as they were in 2007. How does the Chicago real estate market compare to the rest of the nation? The answer may surprise you. The […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Inheriting a House in Chicago

Even a “free” house often comes along with costly baggage and debts. When you inherit real estate you need to know what to expect, so you can stay out of legal trouble and avoid making tax mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars. Here’s your stress-free guide to inheriting a house – and how […]

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