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Ug the caveman pointing to form

After all, what could go wrong?

Since 1996, We Buy Ugly Houses® has made it our mission to make selling your house as quick and easy as possible. Our local We Buy Ugly Houses® property specialists come to your house for a no-cost, no-commitment to consultation, can make you a fair, firm cash offer, and can close in as soon as three weeks, or longer if that works better for you. We also  don't charge commissions and cover the typical closing costs, which can save you thousands. 

When it comes time to sell your house, it can seem like there are countless options of how to go about the process, from listing your house on the market, using the seemingly convenient internet-only buyers, in addition to filtering through all manner of self-proclaimed home buying "experts." Each option might seem like it has benefits but actually can cause problems and delays in selling your house.

Over 110,000 satisfied homeowners have sold their houses for cash to We Buy Ugly Houses®. Our no-obligation consultation visits are free, so what's stopping you from being the next one?

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Sell your house for cash to We Buy Ugly Houses® in three simple steps.

Online-only buyers may not be what they seem.

There are plenty of internet-only homebuyers in the market now that promise the convenience of making an offer on your house sight-unseen, but this supposed advantage often presents its own set of issues. These buyers often reduce their offers once they inspect your house and even charge you hidden fees at closing.

We Buy Ugly Houses® has a better idea – our local property specialists come to you at a time of your choosing for a free, no-commitment consultation about your house. They can often make you an offer on the spot, and it won’t be lowered before closing.

Selling your house comes with enough to worry about. The last thing on your mind should be whether or not your homebuyer will follow through on their offer. With We Buy Ugly Houses®, you can get a firm cash offer you can take to the bank.

Inexperienced buyers may let their offers fall through.

Being America’s #1 Home Buyer® means that we’re second to none, although there are plenty of cash homebuyers who claim otherwise. They’ll often speak about being familiar with the area and promise certain benefits of working with an independent buyer, but they often lack the experience and financial backing to make good on their offers.

Our property specialists in your area have their own businesses, backed by the power of the We Buy Ugly Houses® brand. They already know your market, so they can quickly make you a fair, firm cash offer on your house, and it won’t be lowered before closing. Our property specialists close how and when they promise because they have the support and leverage of the trusted We Buy Ugly Houses® brand supporting every offer, every time.

Listing your house can be an expensive and time-consuming hassle.

Listing your house on the market can be an uncertain process that often requires the work and expense to get your house “show ready.” This can include removing or paying to store personal items or furniture and undergoing extensive cleaning and repairs, which can be time-consuming and costly.

When you sell to We Buy Ugly Houses®, we buy your house “as is” – and we mean just that. We can buy your house in its current state, regardless of any damages or updates that may be needed. We’ll even remove any unwanted items in your house – just take the things you want, along with our cash in your pocket, and leave the rest for us to take care of.

Whatever your reason for selling may be, whether it’s time to downsize, you’ve inherited an unwanted house, or you have a house that’s become too expensive to maintain, you have enough to deal with. Don’t risk delays and unwanted costs selling your house – get a fair, firm cash offer from We Buy Ugly Houses®.

Don't leave selling your house to chance.

Everyone has been in situations where you mistakenly think “What could go wrong?” Don’t let your house sale be one of them.

When you sell your house for cash to We Buy Ugly Houses®, you can be confident that our offers will be fair, fast and firm. The firm cash offer we make will be what you see at closing, and we won’t hit you with any surprise fees, commissions or closing costs. With a 94% customer satisfaction rate sustained over three decades, you can be sure that we’ll stand by our offers.

Take the worry out of selling your house with We Buy Ugly Houses®! Home of the fair, firm cash offer®.

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Take the worry out of selling your house with We Buy Ugly Houses®! Home of the fair, firm cash offer®.

Sell your house for cash today!