How To Fix a Slab Foundation

How To Fix a Slab Foundation

It almost goes without saying that a house is only as strong as its foundation. If you encounter problems with your foundation, especially when it’s a slab foundation, you’ll need to make repairs as soon as possible.

Most problems with slab foundations result from freezing water that has expanded the pipes beneath the foundation, creating cracks in the cement. In these cases, dangerous leaks can develop. In a worst-case scenario, leaks can cause severe damage to the house’s interior materials, such as doors, windows, and framing. Leaks in a slab foundation require costly foundation repair. Here are two common issues you’ll face when you have to fix your slab foundation.

Fixing the pipe

To repair a slab leak, you first have to find the source of the leak. If it’s a hot water leak, you’re going to be focused on fixing the piping underneath the slab. It’s relatively easy to locate the leak source by simply walking around the foundation in bare feet until you can feel the leak. When the leak source is found, mark it with duct tape.

Next, remove the flooring from the foundation. Make sure, however, that the flooring you remove won’t cause further damage, resulting in even more costly and time-consuming work.

Using a concrete drill, drill a hole into the concrete. Slab foundations are typically around four inches thick, so it can take some time before you reach the affected pipes. Make certain that the hole you’ve drilled is large enough to fit your hand so that you can easily find the source of the leaking pipe.

Once you locate the trouble spot, make the hole large enough to give you the room you’ll need to make the necessary repairs to the pipe. Don’t seal the hole for a few days so that you can monitor the area for any further damage.

When you’re sure you’ve sealed the pipe, cover it with concrete. Let it dry and cure for several days. Then, place new flooring on the area using construction-grade adhesive.

Mud Jacking

Another technique for fixing a slab foundation is called “Mud Jacking.” This method focuses on the source of any subgrade problems, working to support the slab from underneath.

With mud jacking, two holes are drilled into a sloping slab. Then, a mixture of highly insoluble material is pumped into the holes. When this mixture of materials enters into the area beneath the slab, it releases any water and air to firm up any loose subsoil. This functions to lift the slab to its original level.

Fixing a slab Foundation isn’t cheap. On average, costs can range from $1,000 to $15,000 and over. So what do you do if you’re trying to sell a house with slab damage?

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