House Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to start that annual cathartic ritual: spring-cleaning. Even though the work can seem massive, there’s always a sense of accomplishment after seeing a winter’s worth of dust removed. Also, spring-cleaning is essential for maintaining your home’s resale value. So as you break out the sponges, Swiffer, and […]

What to do if the Contractor Doesn’t Call Back

What to do if the Contractor Doesn’t Call Back - Hardwood Floor Home Repair

Many homeowners love taking on renovation projects themselves. Throughout the country, DIY home reno’s are becoming more and more common (after all, who doesn’t love an excuse to grab a Home Depot hot dog with their drywall?). If you need to renovate a house that you’re trying to sell, hiring a contractor often seems like […]

How To Fix a Slab Foundation

How To Fix a Slab Foundation

It almost goes without saying that a house is only as strong as its foundation. If you encounter problems with your foundation, especially when it’s a slab foundation, you’ll need to make repairs as soon as possible. Most problems with slab foundations result from freezing water that has expanded the pipes beneath the foundation, creating […]

How HomeVestors Helped This Retiree Sell His Historic Home (to the Perfect Owner!)

Elderly Couple HomeVestors Helped Retiree Sell His Historic Home

Marty Rogus had lived in his childhood home for 60 years, but when he fell ill, he was no longer able to care for himself or the property. As his medical bills piled up, Rogus knew that he needed to sell his house quickly. He also hoped to find just the right buyer for the […]

How to Pay Off Unexpected Bills with Your Home Equity

Loose Change Pay off Bills

If you’re facing a large emergency expense and you don’t know how to pay it off, you’re not alone. Every year, 2 out of 5 Americans have a major unexpected expense, according to a recent survey by Most people don’t have the money to pay. The survey points out how difficult it is for […]