Using a Professional Staging Service

Posted on December 13, 2012 | Back to blog

Real Estate

The term ‘home staging’ is not a new one in real estate. Realtors and sellers alike have heard the term used over the years many times. Some, however, are not familiar with home stagers and what they bring to the table.

Home staging is dressing a home that is up for sale. This is not the typical cleaning and maintenance in preparation for a sale (although it is highly recommended that these things are done). It is being creative and making a home as appealing as possible for potential buyers. So what do professional home stagers do?

Home stagers are highly skilled professional decorators that use their knowledge to add bits of flair throughout a home. This includes bringing in items like mirrors, plants, ottomans, pillows, tables and chairs to spruce up the interior. This sets the stage for buyers, so that they can see all the possibilities within a property. First impressions can go a long way.

Some do not want the extra expense, since there are other costs to selling a home, including a realtor. Not all realtors have savvy design skills to make a home shine, but depending on the residence, they can be costly. Homeowners should take a good look at the big picture before investing in a professional home stager.

It should be noted that when using a professional stager, the time to sale is much lower than without one. This is a huge benefit to most sellers, especially when the market is slow. When buyers come view a home, the initial impression goes a long way in speeding up the process. The longer they need to think about it, the longer a home sits on the market.

Another perk for using a stager is that the sale price tends to go up. The rate of success is successful when home stagers are used, so homeowners can have a bit more in terms of asking price. Studies have shown then when using a professional, prices go up exponentially, with percentages rising in correlation with luxury. This boost if price can easily offset the extra fees due to the stager, which is a great win for sellers.
When using a home staging service, it is essential that the realtor involved and the service are on the same page and work together. This will ensure a smooth process and should potentially generate more leads.

All in all, using a staging service can be a solid investment. Before deciding, it is important to go through the house for sale and determine whether it is absolutely necessary. There are times when a house is in great shape and is dressed up for buyers. In this case, perhaps a professional staging service is not required. Like any investment, proper research and comparing the risk-reward benefit is vital to success.

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