Top 5 Overlooked Areas Your Home Needs Clean

Posted on February 4, 2014 | Back to blog


When people get in the mood to clean the house they usually do the same old thing over and over.  How many times can you clean the kitchen counters, or put away the kids toys?  There is a ton of areas of the house that people often overlook but if you keep skipping could really cause big trouble later on.  Here is a list of the top 5 areas you’re forgetting to deep clean.

1) Dishwasher

I never think to clean the dishwasher because I figure the dishwasher gets clean when it’s cleaning the dishes.  But the truth is your dishwasher tray collects a lot of little food bits and needs to get wiped down.  If you keep skipping it you drain could be getting clogged and you’ll have a bunch of water leaking out onto the kitchen floor.  We suggest using a little lemon juice and baking soda on the drain and cover it with a moist paper towel.  Start the dishwasher up and let it run empty on its hottest cycle with a couple cups of vinegar throw in the bottom.

2) Under the Fridge

You might think your kitchen is clean but if you could see all the dust, grime, food and junk under your fridge you wouldn’t place anything in near that you put in your mouth.  It’s time to start cleaning under the fridge on at least an annual basis.  Doing so will ensure help your fridge run better because it won’t have all that junk clogging your fridge’s vents and filters.  Use 12 ounces of vinegar mixed with four tablespoons of dish soap and clean under and behind your fridge.

3) Clean your Hygiene Items

We normally don’t think of our personal hygiene items as being dirty since we use them on ourselves.  But if you think about it our personal hygiene items collect all the dirty, dead skin, oil, and old makeup off our bodies.  If we don’t clean our make-up brushes, or clean out our combs they’re just going to keep all that collected junk and put it back on you’re the next time you use them.  Use warm water and soap on your combs and hairbrushes, allowing time for them to air dry.  Clean makeup brushes with warm water and use mild baby soap.

4) Pet items

Loving pet owners do a great job of washing their pet regularly, but one thing they constantly forget is the items the pet come in contact most.  If your family friend has a little bed chances are that bedding might have some pesky bugs like fleas and ticks.  Just throw that bedding in the washing machine and while you wait those plastic toys your dog loves to chew on could use a good antibacterial wipe-down.

5) Vents

Cleaning the vents is a process and even if you remember that they need to be clean more than likely they’re last on your list.  But cleaning your vents in essence helps clean your entire home.  Cleaning the vents not only leads to higher air quality, but there is less dust on everything.  To clean just remove your vent covers and soak them in soap and vinegar.  As those are soaking grab the vacuum and use your extension to collect up all the dust and debris.  You’ll love breathing fresh air again!


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