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Are you looking at real estate for investment purposes? If so then you should know that We Buy Ugly Houses is in many ways a real estate broker. We’re not agents because we offer a unique experience for potential sellers to unburden their home payments, and present to you the buyer an investment opportunity.

A typical agent is someone who just wants to sell a home fast so they can get a commission fast. They act as a go between for the buyer and seller, but in reality they’re really thinking about their own pockets. The more work they do for you the seller, the less incentives they receive. So in reality many agents advertise like they’re caring but don’t actually get much for going the extra mile.

Agents aren’t bad people, they’re just in a business that is motivated by the need to make a quick buck. We’re different because you’re not dealing with the entire real estate agency, you’re dealing with one person. That means there is no middle man who doesn’t have your best interests at stake. No one is trying to take a cut so when you buy from one of us, you know you’re getting a fair price.

We offer fair prices, and we leave out all the hassle that comes with selling a home. You don’t need to worry or pay for any repair work. You can take whatever you want from the house and leave the rest for us to clean out. We will even help pay for your moving costs! Quite simply, we are the easiest, fastest, most convenient solution to selling your home.

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