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We Buy St. Louis Homes, and Sell Them Too!

Are you looking to buy a home? Are you a first time home buyer looking to buy in an established St. Louis neighborhood?

If so, you’re in luck because We Buy Ugly Houses St. Louis sells houses too!

Save Time – Buy A House Ready For Renovations

Are you looking for an entry-level home in an established neighborhood? Do you want a home that has been updated? Are you a First Time Home Buyer? Then you should contact HomeVestors®.

Yes... It's True!

We do buy “ugly” houses here at We Buy Ugly Houses St. Louis, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying a house from us. Why? Because after we buy ugly homes at well below market value, we renovate them fully before reselling them. This means you’ll get a newly updated and rehabbed home at an incredible price when you buy a house from us. We’re eager to sell a house to you, especially if you’re a first time home buyer.

We’re well known as a home buyer, but few people realize that many of the people who sell a home to us turn around and buy a home from us as well. These homeowners sell us their house for cash usually because their house needs work, has costly problems to fix, or has them in an ugly dilemma or financial situation. After selling their home to us, many buy a home from us so they can begin again as a homeowner with a fresh start.

Buy A St. Louis Home

Our franchisees know how to spot ugly homes that have the real potential for being beautiful homes with just a little updating and repair. When we buy a house like this, we pay cash, allowing us to buy a house at a lower price than market value.

This gives home buyers like you an excellent opportunity because then we can sell the homes we buy at an incredible price, even after fully repairing and updating them so they’re ready for you to move in. We have many homes to choose from that are a great deal for anyone looking to buy a house.

Looking To Rent Instead Of Buying A House?

We Buy Ugly Houses St. Louis also has a number of properties for rent, so if buying a house isn’t the right thing for you now, we likely have an ideal home for you in our inventory of rental homes at a reasonable price.

St. Louis – Contact Us Now

We Buy Ugly Houses St. Louis would like to speak with you about renting or buying a house, whether you’re just beginning to look around or you’re ready to buy a house right now. Give us a call in the St. Louis area at 1-800-44-BUYER, or contact us through our website’s contact form. We’ll get in touch with you to tell you about the great properties we have for rent or sale.

When you’re ready to rent or buy a house, get a great deal by renting or buying a house from the best – We Buy Ugly Houses St. Louis. Contact us now for information on some recently ugly homes that are far from ugly today. We have move-in ready homes waiting for you to call home.

Do you need to sell your home? Are you in an ugly dilemma like job relocation, foreclosure, divorce? Have you inherited a home you don’t want to keep? We can help. Contact We Buy Ugly Houses St. Louis today. We’d like to make an AS-IS cash offer on your house.

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