What ROI Can I Expect From My Home Project?

Posted on March 12, 2013 | Back to blog


One question many home owners face when they are deciding whether to renovate a part of their house is, “Will this be worth it?” There are many projects, big and small, that can make a home either more efficient or more aesthetically pleasing. Many do not know, however, if there is indeed a financial benefit from making these improvements.

Luckily enough, there are many different projects that one could do to see a high return on investment. Some are for the exterior of the house while some are inside. Both components are important, especially if the owner of the home wants to sell the house soon. Curb appeal can make a great first impression.

According to Remodeling, renovating an attic and turning it into a bedroom has the biggest cost benefit to home owners. The problem is that it is very expensive to do this. If one has the means, it should be considered, having an extra bedroom could come in handy whether they are selling the house or plan to stay for years to come.

Kitchens are a huge hot spot for home renovations. There are many different areas of a kitchen to change, but not all of them need to be in order to find good benefits. It can range from small changes for massive overhauls. An example of a small change would be to replace cabinets or chairs, while a big change would be to gut the whole kitchen and replace all of the appliances with smart technology and old tops with granite.

A home office can also be a great way to make good use of an unused room. More and more people are working from home these days, and having a viable option for you or for potential buyers can come in handy.

Remodeling a bathroom can be a solid option in terms of ROI. Like the kitchen, there can be small changes made or large scale ones. Replacing a shower head or getting a new faucet can pay dividends, while adding new tiles for the floor or redoing the wall surrounding the tub and shower are more extensive projects.

There are plenty of great options for home owners to make renovations while still getting a solid bang for their buck. The examples listed above are all solid choices, and should provide benefits to home owners whether they are selling, or looking to stay long-term.

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