Are companies who buy homes for cash legitimate?

Here are five questions to ask when selling.

Want to tell the difference between cash home buyers? It’s easier than you might think; you can learn a lot by asking only five questions:

1. How long have you been buying houses in my city?

What you’re looking for is how well the buyer knows your community. (Don’t be surprised if you’re communicating with someone who’s not even in your time zone.) Local familiarity makes a big difference in giving you a fair value for your house and being able to act as quickly as you might like.

2. What do past sellers say about their experiences with you?

Real estate companies that will buy your house should be able to furnish you references with contact information so you can talk to homeowners who have sold to them. If not, that’s a major warning sign. You can also search Google and other review sites to get this information.

3. Can you provide immediate proof of funds?

This may seem nosy, but it’s important to you. Many buyers don’t have financing ready when they make their offers. Then they scramble to find it and, if they can’t, delay the closing. They often can’t find funding at all and walk away completely, probably at the last minute, leaving you in the lurch.

4. Do you really need to see my house before making an offer?

Believe it or not, you want this answer to be “yes.” A buyer can’t give an accurate offer for a property without seeing it first. Many cash buyers make an attractive initial offer but reserve the right to lower it or charge hidden fees once they do inspect the property.

5. Can you close on a timeline that works for my situation?

Selling a house is a major life change, and a buyer should be happy to accommodate your schedule to make your transition easier. You’re right to be concerned if a home buyer is trying to force you into a timeline. Look for a trusted home buyer who makes your needs a priority.

How would we answer your questions when buying your house?

  1. We Buy Ugly Houses® local property specialists live in the communities where they work.
  2. We have a 96.1% approval rating.
  3. All our local property specialists have access to our exclusive financing portal for quick funds availability for qualifying purchases and repairs, and our reputation says we close as we say we will.
  4. When one of our local property specialists makes a fast cash offer, it won’t change, because we do our inspection first, either in person or virtually.
  5. We Buy Ugly Houses® can close in as little as three weeks, but we’ll be happy to schedule it for later if that works better for you.

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