We Are America’s Source for Affordable Homes

Looking for a profitable new investment venture in Phoneix? Look no further. HomeVestors® of America franchises are known throughout the country for buying distressed properties, fixing them up and selling them to happy new homeowners.

Rehab Opportunities

Homevestors®, also called the “We Buy Ugly Houses” company, has been in the business of buying houses since 1996. Our instant name recognition means that we are often the first company that comes to mind when someone wants to sell a house quickly. In fact, we have so many opportunities that our franchisees purchase more houses than they can rehab themselves. That is why we are always looking for investors who are looking for Phoenix investment properties.

Our franchise owners use our tested and proven methods to find the absolute best deals on houses that are in need of renovation and repair. They are experts in finding great homes in great neighborhoods at below market prices. Purchase a Phoenix investment property from Homevestors® and let the power of our methods work for you. When you buy a house from us you know that our local franchisee has evaluated it. We all know that the sooner you can find a property and get to work the sooner you can make money on it. Purchase from us and you can stop looking and start working.

Ready to Rent

Not every investor is looking for Phoenix investment properties that need renovating. Buy one of our newly rehabbed houses and start earning rent right away! We have spent years perfecting our methods of finding, buying and renovating houses. Our team has done the work of finding great Phoenix investment properties at below market prices. They then carefully work with qualified local contractors to update and renovate them.

Our newly renovated houses are great investment opportunities. Since we buy well we can offer our real estate investor clients very attractive prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see all of the lovely homes that are for sale. Our team members are always happy to work with real estate investors to help them add the right properties to their portfolio. Whether you are an investor who likes to rehab properties or you prefer your investment properties ready to rent, we can work with you. Call us today .

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