Is it Possible to Sell A Home with Termite Damage in Phoenix?

So, you’ve just discovered the presence of termites in your home. But it gets worse.  Once the damage is apparent, you may already be experiencing a full-blown infestation.

Termite damage is a huge problem in Arizona. Arizona and California are home to an especially troublesome species of termite – the desert subterranean termite. These pests feast on wood and post a serious threat to the structural integrity and safety of your property. A home with a bad enough termite problem can become simply unlivable.

Termite Warning Signs in the Phoenix Area

Some of the most common indicators of a desert subterranean termite infestation include:

  • Wood that bucks
  • Swelling floors
  • Visible termite mazes in your furniture and walls
  • Mud tubes
  • Wood that is soft and “honeycombed” – hollowed out sections stuffed with mud and half-digested wood

Desert subterranean are unique in that they are not as dependent on moisture as their relatives. They will even attack totally dry wood. A mature colony of these unwelcome guests can contain more than 300,000 termites.

Termites Make Buyers Reluctant

Termites are terrible news for those looking to sell their home. Home repairs are one way to deal with the issue, but they tend to be extremely costly. For home sellers already in negotiations, they can most likely kiss the deal goodbye. Even after you pay out of pocket for an exterminator, you still have to pay for repairs, and after all that there is still no guarantee a potential buyer won’t get cold feet.

Of course, there are a multitude of other barriers that home sellers face beside a termite infestation. Failed loan approvals, high costs required for mortgage authorization, and the demands you’ll face from difficult home buyers are just a few examples.

Are you financially and mentally prepared to shell out money for repairs and deal with the frustration of waiting as your house sits on the market?

Will We Buy Ugly Houses Phoenix Really Buy a Home with Termite Damage?

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