The coldest winters on record in Phoenix

The coldest winters on record in Phoenix

Everyone knows that the temperature can get scorching hot in Phoenix, but it can also get freezing cold, too.

Arizona is a state full of extremes in terms of the landscape here, and the weather can vary by extremes as well. For Phoenix, we can look at records from as far back as 1895 to look at some of the coldest dates in the city.

The snowiest day in Phoenix

The snowiest day in Phoenix occurred on February 2, 1939, with a recorded .4 inches of snow. This may not seem like a lot, but when you considered that Phoenix is in the Sonoran Desert, any accumulation of snow is impressive.

On the rare occasions when it does snow in the city, the ground is usually so dry that all the snow melts immediately. So, don’t hold out hope for a white Christmas in Phoenix this (or any) year.

The coldest day on record

The lowest temperature to ever be recorded in Phoenix happened on January 5, 1950, when the weather dropped to only 17 degrees. That’s pretty chilly, but it’s nothing compared to the coldest day in the entire state. On January 7, 1971, a cabin near Hawley Lake registered a temperature of 40 degrees below zero!

While is seems clear that January is the time of year for record chills in Arizona, the difference between the two records is enough to freeze you right down to the bone.

Typical winter weather

It’s important to note that these extreme temperatures are exceptions to the rule. A typical winter in Phoenix can be summed up in one word: mild. So mild, in fact, that most days don’t get cold enough even to warrant wearing a light jacket. Be sure to warn any relatives that are visiting for the holidays – they can save space in their luggage and leave their coat at home.

When you hear horror stories of blizzards and black ice in other cities, the mild winter temps make you appreciate life in Phoenix even more.

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*Updated June 2020.