What Are My Options When Selling In A Hurry?

Posted on February 5, 2013 | Back to blog


Sometimes life does not always go to plan. Unforeseen circumstances come up all of the time, and many times people are caught unprepared. At times, drastic changes need to be made and a home needs to be put up for sale. What can homeowners do then to prepare in such a short amount of time?

Clean the House – When someone comes to visit a house, they are trying to see themselves in it, living there. They do not want to see how you live there. Pick up toys and clean the whole space.

Patch Up Nail Holes – Nearly every house has old nail holes in walls from hanging up pictures or decorations. Patching them up is not very time consuming and will give the walls a clean look.

Paint Walls – Painting the walls a warm or neutral color can go a long way in making a positive impression. Having an outlandish color can kill a sale.

Repair Baseboards – Baseboards are often overlooked, but if they are noticed and look awful, it can ruin a potential deal.

Set Up the Lights – When showing a home, having good lighting can alter the mood of a specific room or space.

Create Storage Space – Clean out closets and shelves to make them appear bigger. Potential buyers want to make sure all of their stuff is about to come with them when they buy a new home.

Update Kitchen and Bathroom – This is a huge return on investment. Replacing an old faucet or adding a fresh coat of paint will pay dividends when visitors show up.

Inspect Windows – Take a quick audit of the window situation. If they are old and brittle, it may be time to replace them. Having new windows will look great and also allow in more light to give off a polished look.

Flooring – Do not forget to look at your feet. What kind of flooring is there? Is there pet residue or stains everywhere? What will sell more, carpet or hardwood? The answers to these questions can go a long way in making a decision.

Curb Appeal – A huge component to selling a house is curb appeal. The front yard is the first thing a potential buyer sees. By making sure it is in pristine condition, sellers can ensure that potential buyers remain positive when visiting the property.

These are just a few tricks to get a house ready for sale. If your looking to sell your home in Dallas – we’re ready to help! It is important to take care and be diligent about finding the right components to address to have success in a short period of time.

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