Soon to be Obsolete Household Items

Posted on February 19, 2014 | Back to blog

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Soon to be Obsolete Household Items

Technology is amazing.  One of the greatest things about each new technological surge is the number of items that improve our lives in ways many of us didn’t realize needed improvement. But one side effect of each new technology is the number of items we say good-bye to because they’ve become obsolete.  Here is a list of household items you better start saying good-bye to because they’ll be gone soon.

Cut the Cable

Cable TV is losing subscribers by the day.  The numbers have been declining for the past decade and many see no end in sight.  Cable companies are expected to lose another 1.3 million subscribers just in 2014.  So where are all these so called, “cable-cutters” going?

There is a number of services and set top boxes that provide viewers with more freedom and control over what they watch.  Services like Netflix and Hulu provide both Movies and TV episodes shortly after airing or reaching store shelves for a price that’s about 75% cheaper.  Many folks access these services through set top entertainment boxes like Roku or the popular Apple TV.  These boxes turn your TV into a true multi-entertainment system.  The Apple TV for example allows you to buy and purchase music, movies, play podcasts, access your computer, or even play the radio.  It’s like turning your TV into an iPad.

I literally cut cable this past week and I’m loving the freedom I have to choose exactly what I want to watch, when I want to watch it, for a fraction of the cost. There really is no missing cable TV for me anymore, and I doubt you’ll miss it too. So do yourself a favor and cut cable by getting an Apple TV.

Books “Turn the Page”

My wife loves to read as such we’ve got a mini library of bookshelves everywhere.  They just take up so much room, and don’t’ even get me started on “moving day.”  The content of books are great, but the books themselves are annoying.  They simply get everywhere, clutter the house and get beat-up over time.  That’s why we’re going all digital.

Books themselves are obsolete.  In another fifty years books will be a thing of the past as everyone will be using digital devices similar to the iPad or some other new revolutionary technology.  One thing I hear many book lovers talk about is the ability to take a book on the go.  But the iPad allows you to not only take your entire library with you on the go, but allows you to download new books on the go.  Plus many folks love to read fan made fiction and you can’t do that with a book, but you can do that with an iPad and an internet connection.

Good bye books I can’t wait to see you, “turn the page.”


Skype + Facetime = Bye Bye Phones

One thing that was probably out the door a few years ago is landline phones.  I remember when I was a kid calling long distance was an amazing experience but was too expensive, so we had to wait to call….”long distance.”  I also remember having to “crank” your neck against your shoulder to hold the phone against your ear while your hands were busy.  I don’t miss any of that stuff thanks to the iPhone.

Smart phones and services like Facetime allow us to contact anyone anywhere without long distance charges, or any charges at all if you think about it.  Both Facetime and Skype allow us to make video calls to our loved ones no matter where they lived.  It’s just a matter of time when all telecommunication devices solely use the internet as the means to connect people.  So do yourself a favor and go get the best smartphone on the market; iPhone.

The household of the future is going to look a lot different than it is today.  We’ll be consuming our media and entertainment differently.  We’ll be setting our iPad off to the side after we finish our book, and we’ll get on Facetime to tell our friends to go and read it.  Technology is a great tool, as such it’s time to make the adjustment.

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