We Love Property Wars

Posted on April 4, 2013 | Back to blog


It’s true, we do. What’s not to love? Property Wars is quality entertainment enjoyed by everyone from real estate gurus to anyone who lives in a house. This reality show combines the excitement of an auction, extravagant investments that the average Joe can’t really afford and the suspense of what’s waiting behind closed doors. Plus, the thing that’s even better is the fact that you can actually learn something from Property Wars. Who ever said that learning can’t be fun?

All episodes of Property Wars start out the same way. A property auction begins and the usual Phoenix real estate big wigs want a piece of the auction. They compete with each other to score the next diamond in the rough. As the auction continues insults are thrown and eventually there is only one bidder left standing. These people purchase homes without ever seeing the inside of the house, ever. They make their bids and decisions based on the exterior of the home and their knowledge of property value in the area. Once the selling comes to a conclusion, it’s time for the big reveal. A camera crew follows the new owner inside the house to reveal what exactly they have signed up for. It is at this time when the winner has to face reality, they have either won a property that will eventually turn them a profit or they have made purchase that will put them in the red.

Sometimes the risk is worth the reward. Some winners have explored the inside of homes to find like new appliances, beautiful interior decoration or something that ups the value of the home that wasn’t visible from the outside. But, the story doesn’t always have a happy ending. The inside of some homes are completely trashed requiring major renovations and investments. Some winners have even found bizarre things like animals living inside their homes. That’s the best part of the show, to see if these major blind investments pay off or if the new homeowners are in for a world of hurt.

Ok, so what exactly can you learn from all of this? Well mostly, that you can tell a lot about a property’s value from the outside. In the real world, most of us won’t buy a house without looking at the inside but it can help save time when you are doing some house hunting on your own. Take cues from the people on Property Wars. Are there multiple chimneys on the outside of a home? That means multiple fireplaces. What material is the outside of the home made out of? This can indicate the quality of materials on the inside. How well maintained is the outside of the house? This can leave some hints about how well the previous owners took care of the inside. If you have a particularly sharp eye, connections on the outside of the home could indicate what type of entertainment system is set up on the inside. If any of these things you see on the outside aren’t what you are looking for in a house, you don’t have to waste your time looking at the inside. Who says you can’t learn anything from reality television? Watching Property Wars can teach some real world skills when it comes to making property investments of your own.

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