No Joke: We Buy Treehouses

Posted on March 18, 2014 | Back to blog

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Be honest, if you could build and live in a treehouse right now, would you do it?

Tree house

Here’s a question you never thought would be asked as an adult.

Do we buy treehouses?

As hard it is to believe, yes, we do.

And they’re made in a way you can actually live in them.

This is no joke.

This is for real.

Peter Nelson is the rare triple threat, per MSN.

He’s a writer, photographer and treehouse builder.

Nelson also is an architect and contractor, and he’s spearheaded a growing treehouse revival.

Be honest, if you could live in a treehouse right now, would you do it?

Treehouse I

That’s what Nelson does.

He plays on the inner child in all of us.

Nelson also has a book, “New Treehouses of the World.”

The book takes people on a mystical voyage through secret hideouts and dream forts, from Long Island, N.Y. to Thailand and all the places in between.

As MSN says, Nelson designs and builds these playful structures through his Seattle-based Treehouse Workshop.

If you’re still in disbelief, click on the link.

This is for real.

As Nelson’s site says, “What better way to learn how to build a treehouse than to actually get started building one?”

To get started to build your dream treehouse, Nelson’s workshops are five-day, interactive training courses for people interested in learning how to build treehouses from scratch.

The site says that these small group workshops are often open to enthusiasts of all skill levels and take place at various locations around the country.

Not only will you learn the basic concepts about treehouse design and construction, through hands-on experience you’ll practice all steps that include the construction of the platform that holds your treehouse.

You learn:

  • Tree selection
  • Basic tree climbing
  • Tool safety
  • Installation of specialty treehouse hardware

What the website makes clear is that once the platform for your treehouse is complete, the construction is similar to that of a real house. In most cases it takes weeks and more likely months to complete.

These classes and workshops do not show you how to build a house.

From fairytale treehouses and treetop suites to tremendous towering treehouses and swank treehouses, you are covered. Anything that could possibly inspire you is out there if you’re serious about this.

treehouse III

Bring out your inner child.

Allow yourself to be a kid again.

With so much crap in the world, give yourself this.

The next house you build, make it a treehouse.

So much of what we believe as kids vanishes when we grow up.

We lose our innocence.

We lose sight of what really matters.

Become a kid again.

Build the treehouse you never were able to build.

Only this is better: You’re an adult now.

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