Keeping Kids Busy So You Can Fix Up the House

Posted on May 27, 2014 | Back to blog

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Parents needing help this summer keeping the kids busy might go insane if they don’t have a game plan.  Lucky for you Houston has so many options to keep kids busy, and for little dime.  So take a look at the list below, build yourself a game plan for the kids and you’ll have more time for all those do-it-yourself projects that have on your to-do list.

Health Museum


Capture the imagination of your kids this summer by giving them the  inside look into the human body.  You’ll enter the museum by standing within a super-sized rib cage, and you’ll be able to get your hands on a number of fun activities.  Plus if you’ve got the time you’ll want to check out the McGovern 4D theater.  Also, if you need to save a buck you can go on Thursday from 2pm – 5pm and get free admission.


Museum of Art

Swing over to Houston Museum of Fine Arts and you’ll spark your kids creative instincts. After you arrive make sure to swing by the front desk where you get a “family pack” to help guide you through the museum exhibits.  Then when you’re kids find something they really like you can open the pack and learn more about the art, you’ll even be able to add interesting tid-bits to your conversation with your kids.  Plus you can go to the museum for free every Thursday from 10am to 9pm, or you can go for free on the weekends if your kids have a library card.


Natural Science Museum

Few things get kids excited like dinosaur bones!  Take your kids through millions upon millions of years of history in the Paleontology exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  You can even check out some of the most beautiful gems in Texas at the African Safari.  Plus your kids get go free on Thursdays every 3pm to 6pm.


Apple Camp

If your kids love technology than they’ll love Apple Camp.  Kids who are interested in creating their own music, or have dreams of becoming a film maker can make magic with a fun, free workshop for kids between the ages of 8 -12 years old.  Camp is held at your local Apple Store and is just 3 days of bliss for any kid-free parent.  Plus you’ll get to see their masterpiece debuted at the “Apple Camp Film Festival.”


Art Car Museum

One of the coolest events for any car lover, of any age is the Houston Art Car Parade.  This parade might be a little weird to some the parade is super fun.  The parade is actually part of a weekend celebration in which that includes a party at Discovery Green.  The Art Car parade is celebrating its 25th anniversary that includes the Art Car Ball and even an award ceremony.