Houston’s High School Football Neighborhoods

Posted on March 14, 2014 | Back to blog

Just for fun

High school sports football is more than a game in Texas. Call it a religion, call it a code, call it a fraternity. Whatever you do don’t call it a game. It’s the subject of hushed whispers starting late summer all over Texas. The whispers build to a roar, and the cheering doesn’t stop until there’s a new state champion.

Future Heisman trophy winners and NFL stars are born and bred in Texas. Football families want their boys to play for the best high-schools in the state, and they’re willing to pay a premium to live in those districts.

Katy High School – Katy, TX

Houston Median List Price: $218k

Katy Median List Price: $380k

Although Cedar Hill got the best of them last year, Katy is a nationally recognized high school football powerhouse. Even people who don’t live in Texas and barely follow football know about Midland, Odessa, and Katy. A lot of that has to do with movies like Friday Night Lights and On Any Given Sunday.

But let’s give credit where it’s due. Those movies never would have been made if it weren’t for Texas high school football’s long tradition of sporting excellence.

If you want your boys to play for Katy, you’ll need an appropriately zoned house. A house in Katy Independent School District will set you back 75% more than a house in a more average Houston neighborhood, a small price to pay to be a part of the Katy Tigers.

Lamar High School – Houston, TX

There’s good news if you can’t afford property in the Woodlands-Sugarland area. Although the Houston Independent School District hosts its share of $1M+ properties, the number of “economically disadvantaged students” attending Lamar is almost double what it is for Katy. 47% of students compared to Katy’s 29%.

You might have to find a place closer to downtown, but there are affordable properties near enough to Lamar to make moving there an attainable goal for many football families.

Manvel High School – Manvel, TX

Manvel, TX has property values in line with the rest of Houston, making it an affordable place to raise your kids. And they have a roaring football program, too. It might not be Katy or Lamar, but Manvel has contributed more than its share of BCS-caliber stars to college rosters all over the country.

One of the great things about high school football in and around Houston is it’s inclusive. Even if you can’t afford a home in a name-brand neighborhood, you can afford to live near a name-brand football school. That’s because you’d be hard pressed to find a high school near Houston (or anywhere in Texas, for that matter) where football isn’t a big deal.

Set ‘em up for success

If your boys were born looking like William “The Refrigerator” Perry, then nobody in Texas is going to blame you for wanting them to play for the best schools in the state. Whether or not their high school football careers turn into college or pro careers doesn’t matter much when it’s all said and done. What matters is making sure they have a chance to be a part of this thing in Texas called football.