Houston Housing Trends

Posted on February 24, 2014 | Back to blog

Houston Real Estate

Houston Housing Trends

Last year Houston led the Nation in a number of home building trends.  Thanks to a robust job market the fuel in the economic fire burns bright in Houston.  These two factors have helped drive the local real estate market throughout the year, and especially in the fourth quarter.

Usually fourth quarter sales start to slow down as the season gets colder, but sales throughout the Houston Metro included 6,141 new homes being built.  This last quarter was one of the fastest paced expansions in the last 6 years.  But those new homes being built have a lot of different trends within themselves.


Earth Friendly Homes

One of the newest and to many the most exciting new home building trend includes homes with Earth-Friendly design.  These homes with increased sensitivity to the environment are far from the bio-degradable materials most people think of from yester-years.  These new homes are far from primitive using building techniques that are not only comfortable to live in, but also economical, and beautiful.


Prefab Homes

Another home building design in Houston is the factory-made prefabricated homes.  Throughout the years the stereotype of flimsy trailer park dwellings have made room for bold new architectural wonders.  These trend setting modular homes use materials with lots of glass and steel to present some of the most breathtaking designs available.
Adaptive Homes

New homes are always entirely new.  Many older homes are being repurposed, remodeled, and re-used to help protect the environment and local historical significance.  These homes are setting trends and may be the future of home construction as unique buildings like old factories, empty warehouses, and abandoned Churches are being remodeled into condos.
Healthy Homes


Some homes just make you feel sick as soon as you walk in the door.  Home designers are more aware of the types of materials that go into constructing homes.  People are starting to notice that the synthetic materials and the chemical additives can negatively affect their health.  As such a new home building trend involves the, “healthy home” that’s made with only the safest materials.


Emergency Homes

More homes are being built with a home emergency in mind.  The trend calls for the building of storm shelters to safe rooms.  Everyone wants to be safe in an emergency so to many that includes disaster proofing your home from the elements, to developing storm ready concrete walls.  Plus many homes are starting to be designed with quick escapes in case of a fire.


Flexible Homes

A new home trend involves interior walls getting replaced with movable partitions.  This allow homeowners the flexibility they need to organize their rooms based on their needs.  These homes also have lots of sliding doors and other pocket doors that can be moved around to make any kind of room you want.  These types of homes are for everyone but can be quite comfortable because your home is really your design.