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The purchase of a new home is one of the best moments in life.

It’s also one of the most stressful.

If there was a way to have someone sign the paperwork and all you do is put the key in the door that would be incredible.

Alas, there is no way to do that.

Instead, people have to research, investigate and try their best to make the best decision they can.

What can make the process more enjoyable is to build your new home.

You pick how it looks inside and out.

You have a hand in every phase.

It’s an amazing occasion but it’s also stressful.

Before you get started, you should know you buy the builder not the house.

Most don’t understand that aspect of building a home.

It’s the most important decision in the process.

Once you get a builder you like, take it further to find out all you can.

  • Talk to other buyers in the development. If the development is run by a HOA, talk to the association members and the board of directors. If the development is brand new, as the NOLO story suggests, talk to owners in other developments by the same builder.
  • Talk to county planning or building department staff who deal with builders on a daily basis. NOLO suggests questions such as, “Does the builder complete projects on time?” That type of question is more likely to warrant a candid response.
  • Seek out real estate agents who have worked with the company. More than likely, they won’t have dealt with the newer homes but the ones on resale and will know the reputation of the developer.
  • For any business, one should look at the local Better Business Bureau. It’s a great place to find out the kind of reputation the developer has and what people think about it.
  • You can also look at other homeowners, via websites like http://www.hadd.com/ or http://www.hobb.org/.

In Houston, you have ample choices to select.

Here are two of the best.

To make it better, they are local to Houston.

Bella Vita Custom Homes, with offices in Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston, is your homebuilder.

The company is known for custom, luxury homes.

And one look at the site shows the level of luxury you can expect.

These quality homes stand apart when it comes to details and quality.

Their construction team works tirelessly to handpick the finest subcontractors, suppliers and artists to “ensure each home is built with great skill and quality materials.”

As the website says, “Since its beginnings, Bella Vita Custom Homes has maintained a reputation of integrity, honesty and superb quality. We hold the company-wide mission to under-promise and over-deliver to our customers. Clear communication paired with exact construction has earned us unmatched respect in the marketplace.”

All anyone can expect from a builder is that it appreciates what goes into this.

How stressful and taxing it is.

Bella Vita does that and more.

That helps explain why the company has done over $77 million in custom homes.

Another builder to look at with a great reputation is Keystone Classic Homes.

Keystone Classic is a Houston based semi-custom homebuilder that seeks to provide quality homes, innovative designs and outstanding service to those who want to buy or build home in Houston.

Whether it’s your lot or theirs, “Keystone makes a house become a home.”

As the company says on its site, “Your home is the place you will spend about half of your life, don’t trust the construction of it to just anyone. You deserve the attention and service that goes with a small builder coupled with the peace of mind you feel with a more financially stable company. You can have both.”

The big thing about Keystone Classic is it exists under the premise that providing quality homes and outstanding service to the move up and down buyer markets.

The company has close to three decades of construction experience that drives the company and offers solid financial backing.

They know that customers don’t want a deal, they want good value.

They know a strong reputation and customer service means more than a pitch.

It’s a promise.

If your dream is to build a new home in Houston, go all the way.

You know these two companies will produce a home for you and your family that will top that dream.