Beer VI

Beer and summer.

Summer and beer.

The two are synonymous with each other.

With that in mind, here are the best places to drink a beer in Houston.

If you do it during lunch, we won’t tell, or after work, these joints are your best bets to quench your insatiable thirst for beer.

The first on your list is Mongoose Versus Cobra.

Beer III

One of the best looking bars in Houston, Mongoose doesn’t have just beers.

So if anyone in your group doesn’t like beer, and you still hang out with them, you’re all satisfied.

It started off just a beer bar but has become more rounded.

On top of beer, Mongoose strives to champion the most artfully and passionately made spirits.

But in term of beer, you will always be able to find a solid brew here from its lengthy tap list and bottle selection.

The next stop on your list is The Flying Saucer Downtown.

The selection of bottles and taps is ranks near the top for Houston bars.

The best part is there are two locations for this bar in Houston, but to get the best feel of a city you have to go with downtown. Plus, it’s the original.

The bar itself is over a decade old but don’t let age fool you.

If you want to great beer and a fun environment, this is your place to visit.

The last stop on your list is one most critics rave about – Petrol Station.

This was the first bar in Houston to focus solely on American craft beer.

It recently expanded its kitchen so you have more choices for grub as well.

To get an idea of how nerdtastic this joint is, it sectioned beers into Youngling, Padawn and Jedi.

Petrol Station has just under 40 taps, not on the level of The Flying Saucer, but when you come here you know it’s special.

If you have a few with your hamburger or sandwich, we won’t tell.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the summer and be smart.

If you drink, don’t drive.

But now that it’s summer, raise your glasses and drink that beer.