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Is it Possible to Sell A Home with Termite Damage in Houston?

Discovering a termite problem is no laughing matter. Termites cause extreme damage to your house as they feed on wood, wreaking havoc on the integrity, stability, and overall safety of your property. The worst part? Once the damage has become visible, you may already be experiencing a full-blown infestation.

The telltale signs of termite damage include wood that bucks, floors that are starting to swell, and visible termite mazes in your furniture and walls.

Termites are certainly bad news for homeowners, but an even bigger pain for those looking to sell their home.

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If left untreated, a termite infestation can result in a home that’s simply unlivable.

Imagine trying to sell your home with such a massive problem. These pests eat your floors, cabinets, and furniture. They make their way through your home’s siding and plaster, feeding on the wood that’s both outside and inside your house.

So what options do homeowners have in a situation as horrible as a termite infestation? One solution is to pay for home repairs, burning up value you’ve earned on your property. To complicate matters even further, sellers are legally required to report any termite issues, meaning that even after you’ve come out of pocket for an exterminator and repairs, there is still a chance that the buyer will be worried about the risk of purchasing your home.

Wouldn’t a better solution be to forget about the expensive home repairs, the time of waiting for your house to sell, and the stress of it all somehow?

After all, selling your house through traditional real estate channels can take months, especially when you’re trying to get out of a house with termite issues. Not to mention there are a myriad of other issues that can delay or completely derail the sale of a home such as failed loan approvals, high costs required for mortgage authorization, and the demands you’ll face from finicky home buyers.

If you decide to call a professional exterminator you will spend thousands of dollars to tent and fumigate your entire property.

Preparing for the fumigation is a challenge in and of itself. Is everything in the house safely bagged and stored? Where will you stay while you are without a house?

The real question: is all of this really worth the hassle?

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Will We Buy Ugly Houses Houston Really Buy a Home with Termite Damage?

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