Home sweet home—Houston real estate trends

Home sweet home—Houston real estate trends

Find your dream home in one of Houston’s great neighborhoods!

Houston has a lot to offer, and it seems that everyone is noticing. In fact, according to a new study as reported on by the Houston Chronicle, home values have increased by 12.6% compared to the same time last year. While there has been a decline of listings over the past month the average listing price of properties sits at about $479k as of April 15.

But let’s briefly breakdown the average listing prices by some of Houston’s most popular—and exclusive—neighborhoods.

Great Uptown

According to Trulia, Great Uptown is experiencing an average listing price of about $1.103 million as of April 15, a 3.7% increase from the end of March. With more than 300 resale and new homes listed for sale, Great Uptown offers a wide variety of single-family and townhouse style properties.


Neartown/Montrose is a great option for a large variety of upscale properties, with the average listing sitting at around $731k as of April 15, a 1% decrease from the previous week. Currently, there are over 270 listed properties available, including condos and single-family homes.

Greater Heights

For more middle-of-the-road listing prices, Greater Heights can’t be beat. With an average listing price of $584k as of April 15, Greater Heights is also seeing an increase in prices week over week. The good news is, there are over 700 resale and new homes for sale in this up and coming neighborhood!

Clear Lake

Clear Lake, another popular Houston area, stands toward the lower end of the pricing spectrum with an average listing price of about $296k with an offering of larger single-family homes to very affordable condominiums. Clear Lake has seen a decrease in the average listing price of a whopping 3.7% since April 8.


Alief,  however, is seeing a large increase in average listing price: $123k – a 5.8% increase from the previous week. But with over 100 properties on the market, there is still a variety of homes available in this affordable neighborhood.

Whether you are looking to move to an exclusive upper-class neighborhood or start your family in a quaint, affordable area, Houston has got you covered. With a large variety of property types for new homeowners on any budget, this beautiful city is the place to be.

So, what are you waiting for?