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Posted on September 18, 2013 | Back to blog

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As the real estate market comes back, more and more people are becoming real estate investors. The water is warm, as they say, and people are hopping right in to have a go of it.

And we have good news to report. As of August, 2013 HomeVestors is just one franchise shy of 350 franchises operating in the United States.

If you’re keeping score, that’s just 1 franchise shy of


I don’t think our founder, real-estate-agent-turned-house-flipper Kenneth D’Angelo ever could have predicted the runaway success of his idea.

Our charming mascot, Ug Lee, however, says he saw it coming all along. 🙂

HomeVestors Mascott

“Ug Lee” in 1996

It’s a good time to invest in real estate, too. And not just because prices keep climbing higher.

There are plenty of properties available that need work because their owners were down on cash and credit during the Great Recession and couldn’t afford repairs, or in many cases even basic maintenance.

There’s a lot of work that needs done all over the country in order to clean up the mess, and real estate investors are going to help do it.

Many of these owners would love nothing more than to wash their hands of big banks (and can you really blame them?) and sell for cash to a hard-money buyer. That’s where real estate investors come in, making offers that take into account the amount of work that will have to be done in order to sell the house to someone who actually wants it.

There are plenty of separated and soon-divorced people out there looking to sell for fast cash, too. Recessions beget money issues, which take their toll on marriages. Sometimes a home carries more emotional baggage than the recently divorced are willing to deal with. Not everyone can afford professional staging. And nobody wants to spend an extra minute in the house they lived in when their heart got broken.

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch from selling for other people to buying, selling, and profiting for yourself – the time is now.

Here’s to another another 16 years and another 350 HomeVestors franchises!

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