Great Real Estate Marketing: Memorable, Not Boring

Posted on February 7, 2014 | Back to blog


Instead of using old tricks to market your business and you, like a “For Sale” sign in the front yard of a home, try new strategies that will make you stand out and improve the chances you make money.

If there is a way to market yourself, rest assured real estate agents have thought of it.

How they make their money is based on how they market their name. The more people who see it, the better business they do.

From billboards to banners pulled by airplanes, they don’t leave any stone unturned. Check that: the better analogy for real estate agents is no couch cushion is left unchecked when it comes to money.

With that knowledge, what are some sub-niches agents or agencies can still use?

In this digital age it’s easy to forget newspapers. But the one aspect newspapers have over digital is the classified section. People still pick up and use the paper to find a new home or market their home. Even if people don’t have their home for sale or are in the market, they look at the classifieds section.

If an agent or agency doesn’t have a presence in the local newspaper that is one sub-niche they fail to capture.

In terms of media advertising, it doesn’t hurt to have radio and TV ads, but people don’t seek that out or remember. It may do more harm than good in that regard.

The point of a great marketing campaign is to make it memorable. And unless you have the money to have a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl, save your money for sub-niches that can make you money – and memorable.

One of the best ways to make yourself memorable is through billboards.

Think of the comedy “I Love You Man” that stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. In the movie, Segel’s character creates an amazing marketing campaign that drives up business for Rudd’s character, who is a real estate agent in Los Angeles. The strategy was unique, brilliant and memorable.

A similar tactic would drive up business in no time and make their name the name in their market.

Of course, that means research to find the billboard company and thought on the part of the agent of what they want to accomplish. That also means money. Effective strategies aren’t cheap, especially if they are well done.

This piece highlights some other avenues real estate agents can use to market their name.

One of the first things they list is to replace yard signs with yard banners. As the suggestion states, “Traditional ‘For Sale’ yard signs let home buyers know that a property is for sale, but then the property must sell itself from outward appearances alone. This is OK for some properties, but many properties have features that can’t be seen from the street.”

This is where the idea of full-color vinyl banners has the power to promote and catch the eye of potential buyers. Remember: It’s about finding something memorable. There is nothing memorable about a typical for sale sign in the yard (like the photo above), but completely memorable if you see a huge banner that highlights the qualities of the house.

The other idea throws out is a targeted mailing list. Instead of sending the same thing to every potential client, know the people you’re targeting. As the site says, target first-time homebuyers, commercial property investors, young professionals who want an upgrade or similar sub-niches that are unique and well defined.

The last idea is to turn newsletters into profit machines. Most know what a newsletter is and how it works, but very few people use them to make money. Instead of just using them as a way to brand and promote you or agency, as the site says, seek advertisements from non-competing businesses such as banks and lenders, mortgage brokers, insurance agencies and non-profits.

If the point is to make you standout, go all out. Think outside the box. Go the extra mile and try something different.

Force potential clients to remember who you are – in a good way. Not for being boring and uncreative.

Your bank account thanks you when you do.

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