Floors in Colorado: What you need to know

Floors in Colorado: What you need to know

The floor you choose has a big impact on your wallet and value of your home.

There’s a saying in some places when it comes to the weather:

If you don’t like it, wait 10 minutes and it will change.

It sounds absurd, but in Colorado, it feels absolutely true. 

One minute you have blue skies and sunny weather, the next you have blizzard-like conditions.

That means your house can get beat down throughout the year.

The exterior of your house takes the brunt of that with the, wind, hail, rain, and snow. Falling tree damage can also occur. 

Your interior can take a massive hit to. 

Never do you see that more than with your floors.

From weather and traffic to kids and dogs, your floors can get worn down quick. 

If you pick the wrong type, you’re in for repair or replacement costs.

So what you choose is vital to your bank account.

That means you have to be knowledgeable when you make the decision on the type you go with. You also have to take into account where you live and the weather you encounter.

In Denver and Colorado, you get a little bit of everything.

That makes the knowledge you gain even more vital.


There are two types of wood flooring, solid and engineered.

Solid is a 100% hardwood that is milled from lumber. It’s a natural material, so changes in its setting due to moisture and temperature will affect the wood.

It could shrink or expand.

This type of floor is perfect for dining and living rooms. It’s not recommended below ground level or in bathrooms.

Engineered consists of layers of wood, 3 to 10, called piles and are glued together. This gives the material stability – greater than solid wood – that reduces your concerns of possible shrinkage or expansion when it comes to temperature and humidity. This material can also be installed in basements.

When it comes to Denver and Colorado, engineered hardwood flooring is the better choice.


The advancements in laminate are remarkable.

You can get a floor that looks just like wood or stone but without the cost or maintenance. And for the most part, no one can tell the difference unless they get on the floor and inspect it themselves.

Laminate has four layers: wear, design, inner core, and backing.

That means these floors are durable to traffic and weather.

As with any floor, the better you maintain and upkeep it, the longer it will last.

No matter where you live, you can’t go wrong with laminate.

There was a time laminate was cheap and looked tacky.

No longer.

Laminate can make your home shine, look high quality, and also holds up to your family's everyday life.


As with laminate, the advancements in vinyl are just as remarkable.

There are three types of vinyl flooring: sheet, tile, and luxury.

With any choice you choose, the days of cheap-looking vinyl are over.

Like laminate, you can’t tell the difference between the real thing and the vinyl.

With luxury vinyl, you can get it where it looks just like tile, slate, stone, and hardwood.

In either case, vinyl is built to last.

It can withstand the traffic and weather you encounter in Colorado and the upkeep isn’t as taxing as it is with hardwood floors.

Plus, it’s so realistic looking it will make your home pop.

If you’re in the market for a new home and trying to decide what floor to go with, or you’re in the process of making the switch, use this guide to make the best decision.

You’ll save yourself from spending time and money in the long run.