How to Sell a Vacant Home in Dallas

Posted on February 15, 2017

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If you’ve already moved out of your Dallas home but haven’t sold it yet, you need to work fast. In some areas of Dallas, up to 20% of the homes are vacant. Rising costs, increased risk of crime, and a spiraling selling price mean you need to sell your vacant house as quickly as possible. […]

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What Happens to a Condemned House in Dallas?

Posted on January 28, 2017

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What Happens to a Condemned House in Dallas? A house in Dallas is condemned when a government entity has determined that the building is no longer fit to live in. in order to be condemned, a house most usually show a pattern of unsafe housing code violations. No one may live in a condemned building […]

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Will Tiny Homes Take Over Dallas?

Posted on December 23, 2016

Dallas LivingDallas Real EstateDallas Tiny HomesDFW Real Estate MarketReal Estate Market News little house movement dallassmall houses movement dallastiny house movement in dallastiny houses dallastiny houses taking over in dallas

In Texas, small is becoming… big. What exactly are we talking about? Homes! Tiny homes are growing rapidly in popularity for a number of reasons. In this post we examine what’s behind this trend, and why the status quo might be worth breaking. A Lifestyle Revolution Tiny houses have become so popular that many people […]

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What to Do If You Can’t Afford a Home Repair in Dallas

Posted on December 5, 2016

Dallas LivingDallas Real Estate Home repairs

Owning a home is a dream come true for many Americans, but having to pay for costly home repairs can quickly become a nightmare. You can take steps to be prepared and still be blindsided by the need for an expensive repair you simply can’t afford. The good news is you still have options available […]

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How to Check Your Windows and Doors for Air Leaks in Dallas

Posted on November 21, 2016

Dallas LivingReal Estate Advice air leak door dallasair leak in doorair leak in windowair leak window dallasair leaks dallasair leaks in windowchecking windows and doors for air leakshow to check your windows and doors for air leakshow to detect air leakshow to detect air leaks in your house

With the weather in Dallas just now getting chilly, air leaks in windows and doors are starting to become more apparent. You may be experiencing drafty, cold spots in your home. Finding the source of these cold patches is critical to ensuring that your winter months are comfortable, but also affordable. Many homeowners lose a […]

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Most Common Winter Infestations in Dallas

Posted on October 31, 2016

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Winters in Dallas are typically mild, but that doesn’t stop nasty pests from trying to infiltrate your home looking for a warm shelter. Bugs and rodents can be year-round problems, but here are a few tips to keep your home free from common infestations during the winter months. German cockroach The German cockroach is a […]

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Most Popular House Styles in Dallas

Posted on October 18, 2016

Dallas LivingDallas Real Estate common dallas home stylesdallas architecturedallas home architecturehome styles in dallaspopular dallas house stylespopular house styles in dallas

If you’re looking to buy a new house in the Dallas area, you’re going to need a crash course in home styles. Are you going to go with a Craftsman or Traditional? These are just a few of the many styles that are available to you as a buyer in Dallas. Let’s break down a […]

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Moving to Dallas? Here’s What You Should Know

Posted on October 6, 2016

Dallas Living guide to moving to dallashelp im moving to dallasmoving to dallasmoving to dallas helprelocating to dallasthings to consider before moving to dallasthings to know about dallasthings you need to know about dallasthings you need to know about dallas before moving

The decision to move to another city is a big one, and one that should be made with consideration for a number of different factors. Whether you’ve made the decision or are still pondering, here’s what you should know about Dallas. Economy One of the more important factors when moving somewhere is ensuring that you […]

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2016 Halloween Events in Dallas

Posted on October 3, 2016

Dallas LivingJust for fun ghosts dallashalloweenhalloween 2016halloween 2016 dallashalloween activities in dallashalloween events 2016 dallashaunted dallashaunted house dallashaunted houses dallasspooky halloween dallas

Halloween Events in Dallas It’s October in Dallas again, and Halloween is right around the corner. Like any holiday in the DFW, we don’t mess around. We work hard and play hard, and when it’s Halloween, we definitely play hard! This year, there are some wonderful events around town that are sure to please everyone […]

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Mini Vacations to Take in Dallas

Posted on September 16, 2016

Dallas LivingJust for fun mini vacations dallasmini vacations in dallasshort vacation spotsshort vacations atlantavacation spots near atlantavacations near atlanta

Even though the summer vacation season has come to an end, our mild Texas temps make it easy to get away from it all throughout the year. Near the Dallas metropolitan area, there are plenty of fantastic mini vacation options. To help you in your quest for the perfect mini vacation destination, we’ve created a […]

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