Safest Neighborhoods in DFW

Safest Neighborhoods in DFW

When you are considering what is important to you when choosing a new neighborhood, safety is something that is important for many people to consider. A majority of homeowners take safety levels in to consideration if they have kids but even if you haven’t procreated, it doesn’t mean that you should avoid safety statistics. We took a look at crime data from some of the most popular neighborhoods in the DFW area to find out which neighborhoods could be the safest for you and your family.


There are many areas of the DFW metro area where you would be perfectly safe to walk around in as long as you used street smarts. However, there are certain neighborhoods that stand out as having lower crime rates than others. One of the neighborhoods that has the lowest crime rate in the area is Frisco. Frisco is located in the far north part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Frisco is safer than 44 % of cities in the United States. On average, in one year, 21 crimes are committed per 1,000 residents.

Double Oak

Double Oak is the next neighborhood that we recommend if you are looking for safety in the DFW area. Double Oak is part of Denton County and is a small town with nearly 3,000 residents. The crime rate in Double Oak is significantly lower than surrounding areas such as Hickory Creek, Denton, and Lewisville. If this is the part of DFW where you’d like to reside, Double Oak will be a good bet.

Eastern Colleyville

Another honorable mention for safe neighborhoods in the DFW area is the Eastern Colleyville neighborhood. You’ll be almost exactly equal distances to Dallas and Fort Worth, just a little bit north. You should keep in mind that prices for homes here are a bit higher than nearby places; you most likely won’t see a house for less than $300,000.  This is also a great neighborhood if you want a location with a good school system; OC Taylor Elementary is here and is known throughout the state for its academic excellence. Crime rates in this neighborhood are pretty close to the national average with theft being the most frequent crime committed.

Timber Creek

Timber Creek is another great neighborhood to live in where you can keep your family safe. Located just off I-35E in Lewisville, Timber Creek is conveniently located close to Lewisville’s Central Park. Total crime risk here is nearly half the national average and the most frequently occurring crime is theft so you can sleep soundly in this neighborhood knowing that your loved ones are protected.

Surely safety won’t be the only characteristic you look at when choosing your next neighborhood but it should be one of the more important features of your new home. In order to accurately determine how safe you will be in your new neighborhood, be sure to visit at different times of the day. A drive-by when the sun is up and when the sun is down will give you a good indication of what life would be like as a resident.

*Updated June 2020.