Secret cash hidden in Chicago house

Secret cash hidden in Chicago house

You found $10,000 in a house. Now What?


What should you do if you find thousands of dollars in cash behind a couch?  

That was the $10,000 question Jim Dow had to answer when he discovered stacks of money inside a Calumet Heights house he’d just purchased in Chicago, IL.  

Dow owns and operates an independent cash home buying franchise with We Buy Ugly Houses®.  

He had purchased the house fast with cash and helped the previous owners move on to their next chapter in life.  

Dow told NBC Chicago that he called the former owners when he discovered the cash.  

“I said, ‘I think you left something here you guys definitely are going to want to come back and get,’” Dow said.  

The original owner, a woman in her 80s, came back and picked up the money.  

Her family offered Dow a reward, but he declined and asked that they just use the money to help someone.  

Dow said, “There are lots of good people in the world,” and he wanted to be a person who did the right thing.  

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