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We buy houses ChicagoIf you want to sell your Chicago house fast, you may worry about doing repairs and renovations. Bringing a house up to code is time-consuming and can be costly. Some buyers pass up on many houses available on the market today because those houses need too much work.

We Buy Ugly Houses® can be the answer to your problems. For over 20 years, we’ve been buying Chicago houses “as-is” for cash. Homeowners who want to sell a home for cash in Chicago don’t have to do anything. No repairs, no cleaning, no painting. Nothing except depositing the money once the check clears. We take care of the rest. We buy houses for cash in Chicago!

How to sell a house "as-is" in Chicago

Many homeowners selling a house choose to do so with our professional home buying team. Our local Chicago property specialists are truly great to work with. We can move quickly to help you sell your home fast for cash. We pay cash for homes we buy so there’s no waiting on financing with its related issues.

We often buy homes in Chicago Near North Side, West Town, Lakeview, Pilsen, Oak Park, Elgin, Evanston, Skokie, Addison, Lincoln Park, or even Naperville.

While these reasons may be enough to motivate sellers to sell their Chicago homes for cash, there are even more for selling your house to us. We have over two decades of experience and are the preeminent Chicago cash homebuyers. We pay fast cash for your house in Chicago.

Reasons To Sell Us Your Chicago Home:

Sell “as-is” – no costly repairs

When you are selling a home through traditional methods, you are responsible for making repairs. To fix this possible headache, we can buy your house quickly “as-is.” What does this mean to you? This means no hassles, no roof to replace, no plumbing to fix, no carpets to replace – nothing. We take care of it all for you, allowing you to sell your home fast for cash.

Avoid pre-foreclosure

Many Americans are currently in the unfortunate position of being unable to pay their mortgage. Even when they place their house on the market they may still go into pre-foreclosure waiting for a buyer. This is where we can help. We can offer a quick closing, allowing you to sell your house for cash. We can help you avoid pre-foreclosure and the credit issues that follow.

We pay normal closing costs

There are often costly closing costs involved with selling a house through traditional methods. If you want to sell your home fast to our local Chicago homebuyers, we pay all of your typical closing costs. That leaves more money for you, and fewer headaches.

3-Step Process – Sell Your Home for Cash

Sell home for cash in Chicago

We designed our home-selling process with the seller in mind. You can sell your Chicago house quickly, with no hassles. If you do want to sell your home fast, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Three quick and easy steps. That’s our process!

We Buy Ugly Houses Chicago 3 Step Process


Free no-obligation consultation

Chicago, Illinois is a city with a rich history of diversity. Great local neighborhoods like Wicker Park, Lakeview, Near North Side, or Logan Square dot the city’s landscape, each with its own rich past and emerging future. No one knows the Chicago neighborhoods better than our local Chicago homebuyers.

We Buy Ugly Houses knows what makes each neighborhood unique, and we want to know what makes your house unique, too. A professional Chicago home investor reviews each property in person and provides a free, no-obligation consultation. We take the time to answer all your questions so that you understand our process in full. You’re in no-obligation to accept our cash offer or not. It’s up to you.

Firm cash offer on homes in Chicago

If another cash home buyer makes an offer without seeing your house first, they will probably lower it later. Or, it might come with hidden fees. Unlike other companies that buy houses in Chicago, we always take the time upfront to do an in-person consultation on your house. We can make you a firm offer that won’t change before closing.

Our firm cash offer is based on your property “as-is”, in your Chicago neighborhood. Your property specialist will be by your side throughout the sales process. We are trusted real estate investors and have the experience and know-how to close on your house as promised.

A cash offer you can trust

You may be thinking, “I need to sell my home fast in Chicago”, but it’s all about trust and experience. Experience matters and you can trust we have that experience. We’ve been America’s #1 cash homebuyer since 1996.

When you need or want to sell your house fast, things can get stressful, emotional and sometimes frustrating.

“Has the Realtor handled a situation like mine?”
“Will I get the price he says I’ll get?”
“How long will I wait for this house to actually sell?”
“I need to sell my home fast for cash. Will there be a long delay for bank financing?”

Fast quotes and cash at closings

At We Buy Ugly Houses, we know how you feel. Since 1996, we’ve been helping homeowners by purchasing their houses “as-is” for cash. Having bought over 100,000 houses, we’ve seen it all and know how to handle difficult situations. Every month, hundreds of sellers trust us to close on their homes fast and get them cash quickly. Go from a cash offer on your house in Chicago to cash in your hand, often within 3-4 weeks.

There are many benefits of selling a house to our professional real estate investor team. We’re told the most important benefit is the relief you feel when the closing is complete. We can lift a burdensome Chicago home off your back.

Read HomeVestors Chicago Reviews:

The Representative was professional and thoughtful. Showed a genuine interest in the home and helping me transition in any way, also very honest and transparent about the process. – Bradley C.

Fair offer, honest interactions and fast closing. I was pleased with how everything turned out. Jim was a pleasure to deal with. – Dawn R.

Matt was amazing! He was thorough and gave us great peace of mind. He made the sales transaction easy! I would recommend him to anyone!! – Marie M.

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When you’ve been in the business this long, you value what really matters. Our sellers. HomeVestors® has been America’s #1 Home Buyer since 1996, and it’s all thanks to the more than 100,000 satisfied homeowners that have sold their houses to us.