We Buy Houses Scam

Posted on February 12, 2013 | Back to blog


There are many in the real estate market that attempt to use the name or phrase “We Buy Ugly Houses” or some form of variation in order to garner more business. Unfortunately, many customers are tricked by these scammers, and some pay for it, literally.

It can be difficult to tell the difference, but one major distinction is that real We Buy Ugly House franchise owners and professionals have trademark rights to these particular phrases, whereas others cannot use them without the consent of HomeVestors. To some this may not seem like that big of a deal, but it is definitely a warning sign to home sellers and buyers.

If a business deal is imminent, it is important to trust the party you are doing it with. Starting the relationship off on lie shows their lack of care for the well-being of any and all potential partners in a transaction. It is possible that they are less than trustworthy in other portions of the process as well.

Another issue is that if these so called professionals are peddling off a brand they are not a part of, they run the risk of legal trouble from HomeVestors. It may be hard to finance a deal with someone like that involved. More research may need to be done to find out how legitimate they are.

The most important aspect of these scams is that these professionals have not gone under the HomeVestors training program, which includes ethics and going over proper business practices. While there are plenty out there who follow sound business methods, not everyone does. It is these kinds of people who need to be avoided.

HomeVestors is more than just a business. The local franchises help their communities by following the business model taught in training. By buying foreclosed property with cash at low prices, investors can turn around low-income neighborhoods. Fixing up these houses and selling them to residents causes more tax revenue to go to the community. These funds can pave roads, add parks and add funding to various city projects.

When undertaking a huge business deal such as buying or selling a house, it is important to know who you are doing business with. Dealing with untrustworthy people can have devastating consequences. If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Doing thorough research can save a lot of headaches for buyers and sellers. If there is still doubt, call HomeVestors and we will be able to determine if the party involved is a franchisee or not.

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