"We Buy Ugly Houses®" Is a Real Estate Franchise That Works

Join the top real estate franchise in the country and make your career dreams a reality.

Home resales are a $10 billion part of the real estate industry in the United States and HomeVestors® of America is the number one home buyer. You probably know us as the “We Buy Ugly Houses” people. Whatever name you know us by, we know how to find, renovate and sell houses.

Join our team and let us show you how you can become part of this profitable industry. Making money in home resales can be tricky unless you know what you are doing. When you become a “We Buy Ugly Houses” franchisee we will train you to use our proven methods to make money buying and selling houses.

HomeVestors® is growing and we are actively searching for the right people to join our network. We are a proven real estate home buying franchise that is looking to expand across the country. We also have plans to move into Puerto Rico and Canada. The opportunities are endless.

If you have been dreaming of a career in real estate, consider joining us. Here are just a few of the reasons that more than 800 franchisees have selected HomeVestors®.

  • Instant name recognition – The “We Buy Ugly Houses” name is instantly recognizable. Customers in markets that we are yet to serve even know who we are.
  • Powerful marketing strategy – Our name combined with a proven marketing strategy supplies a stream of leads to our team members.
  • Training and support – We don’t just train you, we train your entire staff. Our training is well respected and ongoing. Our support staff is there for you.
  • Successful system – We have spent years perfecting how to find, purchase and sell houses. Don’t waste years trying to learn it on your own, let us show you how to do it.
  • Reputation – HomeVestors® is one of the most well respected real estate franchise around. We have made the top Franchise 50 for Franchise Business Review over and over; a key indicator of franchisee satisfaction.

All it takes to start your career in real estate is desire and drive. Contact us today to learn how you can become part of the best real estate home buying franchise in the country.

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