Your Must-Have HGTV Binge Watching Bingo Card

Your Must-Have HGTV Binge Watching Bingo Card

HGTV Bingo Card

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Perfect for House Hunters, Property Brothers and more!

One of the odd things about HGTV’s programming is that it’s well-suited for binge watching.

While you might have to wait a week between episodes of your favorite drama or comedy on cable TV, HGTV just gives us heaping helpings of everything all at once.

For example, you could sit down to watch an episode of “Property Brothers” at 1 p.m. this Wednesday and continue watching Property Brothers until 10 p.m. without any interruptions. By that point, the kids will be begging for dinner and the dog will have clawed a hole in the back door, but you’ll have about 100 new ideas on how to fix up the den.

In the interest of spicing things up for all of the binge watchers out there, we devised this little bingo game.

Each HGTV show has it’s own little peculiarities — from the “House Hunters” who are put off by middling details to the renovation show guests who want it all on a shoestring budget — and this game catches all of the fun, the weirdness and the hilarity of watching a whole bunch of HGTV all at once. The way it works is you mark off a square once you see it on TV.

Complete a row, column or diagonal and you win!

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