We Buy Ugly Houses Blog | January 2018

Top 11 Most Expensive Home Repairs That Can Break the Bank

What are the most expensive home repairs? Home Repair Cost  HVAC Repairs  $100 – $1,100  Water Heater Repairs  $100 – $1,400  Electrical Repairs  $125 – $3,000  Driveway Repairs  $300 – $4,500  Asbestos Removal  $500 – $4,500  Roof Repairs  $150 – $5,000  Septic Tank Repairs  $200 – $5,000  Deck Repairs  $250 – $5,000  Mold Removal  $400 […]

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What is an Abandoned House & What To Do About the One Next Door

What is an abandoned house? An abandoned house is a vacant property due to foreclosure, bankruptcy, and financial or legal reasons. Since most homes are abandoned due to financial reasons, they are typically run down and need renovating. This makes abandoned homes attractive properties for investors, flippers and wholesalers because they sell lower than market […]

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