6 DIY Projects You Really Shouldn’t DIY

Posted on August 4, 2013 | Back to blog


Is it to save money? Or is it to save time? Perhaps it is even the sense of accomplishment that many people have after completing a DIY project at home. Whatever the reason, many people have ta desire to try and do things themselves that can result in disasters. Some small projects are fine to do yourself if you are really itching to do so. You want to repaint your home? Go for it! Want to try and hang up some pictures? Why not? But, we advise that anything that has the potential to cause more severe damage than that should be left alone. You could end up spending more fixing your mistakes than you were saving in the first place. Here are the top 6 DIY projects that you really shouldn’t DIY:

  1. Expanding a Room: Many people have often looked around their current space and thought, “If we just knocked that wall down, we’d have so much extra room in here!” If you are one of those people, call a professional. Sure, knocking a wall down seems easy enough but some people neglect to check if that wall to be knocked down is a load-bearing wall. The next thing they know, the ceiling is sagging and they are in a world of hurt to fix their mistakes.
  2. Installing a Light Fixture: This one can be done a right way if you want to attempt a DIY job but unfortunately many people do it the wrong way. They don’t take the time to figure out what is behind their wall or ceiling before they make massive holes in it. The result is often a punctured plumbing pipe.
  3. Anything That Involves Major Restructuring: Just trust us on this one. Consulting a professional will help you make sure your job is completed the right way and they will help you determine the permits and laws that are associated with your renovations.
  4. Does it Involve Electricity? Don’t Do it. Sure, messing up with electricity can be very expensive to fix but even more so, it can be dangerous. Don’t risk it. Put down the pliers and pick up a phone.
  5. Tree Removal: You can imagine the thousands of things that can go wrong with amateur tree removal. If you lack imagination, head on over to Youtube. Hopefully the mistakes of tree removals past will be enough to convince you to hire some help.
  6. Anything That Has to do with Lead Paint or Asbestos: Does this one really require an explanation? Well just in case it does: if you are gambling your health or life in order to save some money, it’s probably a bad idea.


If you insist on trying one or more of these things on your own, at least get a professional consultation. They can either lead you in the right direction, or they can convince you that there are some situations when it’s best to just leave it up to the pros.

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