The 5 Best Cities For Starting Over

Posted on August 16, 2013 | Back to blog


Moving away from disaster

Maybe you just got laid off for the fourth time in as many years, and you can’t stand to talk to anyone in your industry in this town ever again. Maybe your boyfriend broke your heart, and you can’t drive over the bridge near the place you used to share without bursting into tears. Maybe things never quite caught on for you where you’re at. Well it’s alright, not even a big deal really. I mean it is a big deal, but it’s going to be OK – you just need a change of pace, and maybe that change of pace involves moving to a completely different city.

Note that there’s nothing scientific about this list. It’s not based on a survey or another article. It’s based on a couple conversations with people here at the Colorado office, our personal experience and our aspirations. That’s it.

#5 Omaha, Nebraska

If you believe you should “follow the money,” Omaha is a great place to land. Warren Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, has their offices downtown. There are any number of big businesses headquartered in Omaha, everything from Gordman’s to online home-furnishings retail powerhouse Gallup, the big polling company, has an office in Omaha. Heavy hitters Kiewit Construction and Con-Agra foods also have their North American headquarters here. Whether you driving a truck for a living or work in an office, Omaha has something for you. Did I mention Omaha was barely affected by the recession? Oh yeah, there’s that, too.

#4 Austin, Texas

Here’s one for the under-40 crowd who doesn’t like the big city. Austin’s a small, intimate city with enough to keep a young person entertained. It’s the live music capital of the world. It’s also universally considered Texas’s creative powerhouse – home to more than its fair share of advertising agencies and tech start-ups. There’s a lot of traditional labor here, including awesome restaurants a lot of staff around the country would kill to work for. If the idea of moving to Texas skeeves you out, visit first to make sure you and Austin are a match made in heaven. And sorry if your ex’s name was Austin…

#3 Houston, Texas

Houston is another city that weathered the recession well. And there’s good reason for it. Back in the 80s, the city’s leadership learned its lesson after the savings and loan crisis and enacted all kinds of laws in order to keep the city on an even keel – and they worked. Houston is the #1 job creator in the country, thanks in large part to an economic and regulatory environment that treats business like the city’s best friends.

#2 San Francisco, California

There’s a lot of history – and inspiration – to draw on when you land in San Francisco. The San Francisco bay is one of the prettiest places on earth. The city is to finance on the west coast what New York City is to finance on the east coast – the region’s hub. Although jobs are hard to come by, and real estate prices are through the roof – there’s no better place to have a great time while you try to leave your mark on the world west coast style.

#1 New York City, New York

There’s an old joke that says New Yorkers think they live in the center of the universe, the capital of the world. And in terms of truly world class cities, New York City is arguably the only one in the United States of America. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle are close, but there’s something missing. If you watch the news closely, you’ll notice our politicians take their marching orders not from the people but from rich men who live and work in New York City. Although the city can be oppressive to some, jobs are incredibly hard to come by, and real estate prices are positively stratospheric – there’s no better place to try to leave your mark…on the universe.

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