Is HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” real?


Ever since reality television exploded into American homes in the late ‘90s, we’ve had to keep reminding ourselves the same thing.

Even though it says “reality,” it isn’t always real.

That’s especially true with shows that follow house flippers, home remodelers and real estate agents. These processes are usually drawn out, tedious and not very fun to watch, so some liberties are taken during production to make the show interesting to viewers.

HGTV’s “House Hunters” is a notable one. The show hires actors to portray some buyers and usually only approaches buyers who are already in escrow, which means they have to act out reactions to houses they already know they’re not going to buy.

We can’t count how many times we’ve seen a house hunter object to something silly like a room’s paint color or tile scheme.

But what about the network’s new house flipping show, “Flip or Flop?”

flip-or-flop-tv-showTelevision networks are notoriously guilty of misrepresenting house flipping, and it has no doubt led to some novices getting in over their heads. “Flip or Flop” follows the husband-wife duo of Tarek and Christina El Moussa as they take on distressed properties, renovate them and attempt to sell them.

Some viewers have criticized the show for misrepresenting the costs required in renovations, unrealistic home sale and purchase prices, staging the auction scenes and depicting a couple that mostly only deals with capital. Their contractors are the ones getting their hands dirty, which is a luxury many house flippers can’t afford.

The biggest complaint of all centers around the fact that the couple almost always turns a handsome profit, which any experienced house flipper will tell you isn’t necessarily true.

So what of the El Moussas? Are we watching a young couple scraping by, trying to make it in the business, or is it just another made up Hollywood production?

The people are indeed quite real. They worked in real estate until the housing market crashed, and they’ve been paying the bills by flipping houses ever since.

Business has been going well, with Tarek reporting last year that he had taken on three new employees and expanded his operation into neighboring states. It is also shown that he uses creative financing and help from outside investors to pay for his flips.

As for the rest, nothing has been explicitly revealed.

Those of us with experience in the business can probably pick out the unrealistic parts of the show and surmise how — with a little selective editing and Hollywood magic — everything came together. In the end, the savvy viewer already knows the show is for entertainment and shouldn’t be used as a basis for serious decisions.

After all, it comes back to the old adage.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. There’s no such thing as easy money.

“Property Brothers” started by accident?


Is “House Hunters” Real?   

  • elmo

    They should just call the show “flip” because we’ve never seen this couple “flop.” At best, the current title is definitely a misgnomer. At worst, they must be living in Neverland County, CA. Either way, the show asks viewers (even those with the slightest common sense on real estate like me) to suspend much in disbelief, which is ironic and entirely contrary to ‘reality TV.’ If that’s the case then I’d rather watch the relentless search for bigfoot, or a new documentary on hard evidence attesting to the existence of mermaids. So to make it more intresting, perhaps HGTV needs to feature unicorn couples house-hunting for beach-front properties in Arizona.

    • Bob

      There was a couple shows that have been “flops”. Whether it actually happened in and wasn’t just made up in production is up for debate.

      • ItlnGuy99

        Look up “Flip or Flop” on Wikipedia. They have 4 properties that didn’t sell. One of them is foot noted as selling.

        • Daryl Bradshaw

          they now have 6 that hasn’t sold

    • (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

      Seems like maybe 1/6th of their houses fail to sell by the end of the episode. Then again, they never update us on what they sold for after the fact.

      • swany

        That’s the incompetent producers fault. They could do an hour long show with rehash footage and new interviews updating those houses.

    • Renee Knapp

      Thay have had flops on the show.. Iv watched a few where they went under on a property. U have to be smart enough to realize that they cant show each step of a flip.. Most of it is real.. They have to have something in tbe show to entertain fans. If u listen at end of show they tell you just how long property sat on market before receiving offers ..also they state what closing costs were and the profits made (if any) from flip. They dnt achieve a flip ovr night nor do they claim too.. HGTV and DIY channel always gets a bad rap cuz most ppl are IGNORANT thinking that all the renovationds happen in a small amt of time..when it actually takes weeks n month’s to flip n sell a house. Read between the lines and listen…

    • Timothy S Coleman

      First of all, they have Flopped multiple times. That just shows me that you never watch the show. It kills me how many haters there are in this world. If your miserable, everyone needs to be miserable with you. This is a normal family that was luckily enough to get a Hollywood crew to follow them while they do what they were doing before the show started. If you want to blame anyone for acting like its all roses then you blame Hollywood or just stop watching TV and go live your miserable life. No one makes you watch the show. But you will, because what else could you complain about? Oh yeah, guess you always have family to drive nuts with your negative comments. Ridiculous. Everyone of you are ridiculous. Stop tearing people down.

  • johhny

    she is hot and i want to tap that cali tail

    • James E. Bussey

      She talks like a robot

    • Lizèa Bourgeouis

      Oh god she has such an ugly face though and no personality at all. On top of that her voice is super annoying, she comes off as a ditz and there is NOTHING original or unique about her. Why in the world would you think she’s hot?!

      • bg

        why? no explanation needed. she’s very hot!

  • indygnd

    air-head blonde with beefy husband and she only makes the important decisions like what color the tile will be. I’ll bet she’s never gotten her hands dirty…every show follows the theme, “We HAVE to get this done…what will we do????”

    • Haydee Torres

      she is not an air head…she is pretty and pretty smart

      • SavageGulf

        Agreed. And they have shown both of them working on the project, as if that matters.

        • jg

          LOL @ showing them both working projects. I’m referring to Christina NOT Tarek. The show has shown Christina with her manicured long nails, rings and a dozen bracelets holding onto plants and patting down the dirt all while wearing her clubbing outfit. Then another episode showed her pushing a broom in her platform shoes with one hand while the other hand patting her hair- LOL. Are we really to be fooled about her. And her voice. OMG- get a voice coach!

      • danuta allen

        Obviously they are making money on this show. I think unless clothing, hair and make up are included this is good. Otherwise, if she would spend less on clothes, etc. (obviously expensive) she would not have to borrow money from others.

      • wendy

        WOW! “PRETTY AND SMART!?” She can spend money on fake hair, nails, ohhh, and she can read a script! maybe she IS smart!!! HAHAHAAH! SMART! I love it.

    • peoplearenuts

      Air head = yes. Beefy = no — he is a whiny wimp.

      • Cindy Braxton

        No beefy guy I know wears flip-flops.

  • Bankable

    One of the things I like about their show is they have had plenty of shows that ended with the home being unsold. I don’t know the CA market so some of the profits are suspect. But people need to keep in mind the ‘profit’ is before fees and costs paid to private lender, taxes, fees, etc.
    And yes, Christina is very hot!!! Much finer than the wife of Scott Yancey and her annoying “nasally” voice.

    • steve

      Scoooooootttttt!! cant stand her voice!

      • swany

        or his…

    • fidgefodge

      They do add in closing costs

  • laurenbaby

    I really dont like this show cause they tame all of the character out for the houses and replace it with cheap crap

  • One thing that is funny is the people walking through the open house ALWAYS comment on a specific feature that they mention earlier in the show.

    • John

      Well they film a lot of people, someone is bound to comment on it. They also have shown people make negative comments about things that were pointed out.

  • Altitude with Attitude

    So Christina has fake hair, over bleached teeth, fake boobs, colored contacts, fake nails, no talent and weird voice and an annoying lisp!. I mean she’s eye candy, but doesn’t contribute. ANYONE can buy pretty things and pay people to put them in reno. Doesn’t work for me.

    • MJ

      FYI: she doesn’t have fake boobs..actually she has almost no boobs. But I think she should get some nice fake C cups she would definitely look great with those.

      • lauraann

        WHAT the —- Seriously you gotta be a guy to make such a stupid sexist remark

    • lauraann

      So she happens to be pretty. And you sound green. No she doesn’t seem fake to me. Seems pretty and smart and good at what she does. Not just “eye candy”.

    • Altitude with Attitude

      She’s not pretty. She seems annoyed with her child all the time, the show is edited to show her picking out colors when the staff of designers has spoke with her first. She has no skills except eye candy for trolls to watch the show. Her sorry butt should be out selling real estate while hubby does all the work anyway. She’s not smart, not in the least.

    • Barbaree

      It’s her real hair, and you don’t know about the rest. The lisp is charming.

  • patriotKiki

    My main concern is that they now have joined the legions of “Gurus’ who are teaching classes on flipping and wholealing- or have licensed their name to another “education ‘ company – and are ‘teaching” newbies how to wholesale or flip and telling them it is EZ EZ EZ anyone can do it if you give us $5k-$10k to learn. And then they hurt the wannabes by not giving enough REAL info, hurt the market by creating more multiple bids and overbids, and teh new wannabe flippers lose money in the end.AND their “education class” money too.

    • wes

      Scam scam.. I lost money in a class. They wanted 49,000. I laughed. Did not honor warrantee . I’m out 2000 that I’m going to try to dispute tomorrow..

    • Ms Essiemae

      You are too right!!! They want you to use your retirement, 401k, borrow from your family. They want you to do anything and everything to get your cash (future or past). Pure robbery. If it is too good to be true, then it is. The classes are three days of torture. You can’t record or have a device that might do so.They also have plants in the class that will ask you questions on your breaks to see if you bad mouth the program. If you do, they throw you out. Telling everyone that you are so negative and you are bad for every one else.
      They will paint such a beautiful picture for that you buy the hype. Then they lower the boom on you. They will give you the price of the packages. “It’s worth 60K but your only gonna pay 48K because you’re taking this wonderful class…worth 50K but you’re only going to pay 38K and on like that. You have to buy it right then to get it that price. If you get it tomorrow then it is back at the original price. Then you will all meet up in Vegas with Blondie and GQ. I called a few people from the class and there was a lot of disappointment. I wonder will there be a class action lawsuit.

  • Colorado

    pointless show; whiny ‘hosts’; do we really care about your kids? Is there a reason you’re talking baby-talk with them during the show?

    • geri

      I agree I only watched it a few times and she doesn’t do anything except walk in carrying her daughter with her he shows her tile she picks one out of three and that seems to be all she does

      • ItlnGuy99

        I’m redoing my bathroom and had an bought a floor tile and picked out the cabinet color. Christina picked out the same floor and a different cabinet color. When I saw the final result I too went with her color choices. I’ve remodeled this house for over 25 years, but sometimes it takes a visual to show you something different. Yes it does seem fake, but it is a great way to get ideas for the cost of your cable bill.

        • Josh Richards

          Yep, that’s why I watch.

      • JRP

        Well maybe they should just stop letting HGTV produce for them, then no one will have to complain about them.

    • charleville

      I think the little girl is adorable, I love seeing her and hope they show their son too.

    • Linda Maskus

      Baby talk? What the hell are u talking about? She doesn’t talk baby talk to taylor!

  • CA

    I recently purchased a home that was flipped by Tarek and Christina. At first glance you think it’s in good shape; however, after living there for a month, its been problem after problem. The kitchen cabinets and granite were poorly designed and installed. I could not fit a standard microwave or fridge, so I had to hire a contractor to upgrade the kitchen. Secondly, the water pipeline to the dishwasher was not tighten correctly which caused a massive water leak in the kitchen… flooring now has to be replaced. Oh and best of all, the day we close and move in, the AC unit was stolen (pretty convenient…) Overall, the quality of work is done poorly. You get the sense that everything was rushed and just glued together.

    • Gotya

      This show seems like they try so hard to make you believe that they spend more than they really do just so they dont look bad when they make a 300% profet

      • swany

        I think you meant to say prophet.

    • LuvNLife

      So, let’s see. You purchased a home, hired what was apparently a totally incompetent inspector, but that’s someone else’s fault? Oh, and on the day of your walk-through, which is always on the day you close, you didn’t notice the AC unit was missing, and delay closing? LOL. There are more holes in your story than a swiss cheese. Let me guess – you’re a flipper in California, and these two are your competition…

      • walter

        Not all closing are done on site, why couldn’t the unit have been taken after the walk through? And as far as an inspector is concerned, they don t catch everything. This show had all the contractors tools stolen onsite, also. What s hilarious is that they want us to believe some idiot paid 3 quarters of a million dollars for a home in a “Crack” neighborhood. If you look close there were two shots of the house across the street with boarded up windows. When they first checked out the house, there was a homeless person sleeping there. That night the tools were stolen, then the fence was taken they replaced. I have seen pretty ridiculous portrayals on this show. A pool filter with an o ring burst, a three dollar fix, nope they said replace the filter system for 10k, I can have a whole In ground pool installed for that! Ridiculous!

      • Tsrif Tsal

        Home inspections are “report what can be seen”. A home inspector can’t see through walls (for bad pipes), nor do they have a check box for “standard fridge/microwave will fit”.

      • Sasha Liles

        The only holes here are the one in that brain of yours. It’s like you’ve never heard of shoddy workmanship constructing or renovating a house.

    • Joe_D_Messina

      None of that would be surprising. One of the dangers of flips in general is that corners were cut in an effort to make it look good at first glance so the flipper could avoid having to make the first month’s payment on the house. And that’s with regular flippers and not people who are making a big chunk of their income from TV so aren’t as concerned with the actual flip itself AND who also leave basically all the work to contractors with minimal oversight.

      They brag on the show about having multiple flips going all at the same time. You know the ones for TV get basically all their attention. TV taping schedules likely govern a lot of timelines for the those and any others they do that don’t make it onto TV probably get no oversight at all.

      • SavageGulf

        I always wonder how many real problems are covered up by cosmetic repairs. What shortcuts are taken by the contractors and subs when the flipper is offsite picking out tile. The homes look beautiful, but, who knows what lurks beneath.

        • Most of the “problems” come from underestimating. One of the flips in Whittier came from, apparently, not checking with the city. It was in the historic district, which is a designated area. NO ONE can make changes to those homes without express permission from the city and by following rules set by the Mills Act. Also, if Tarek HAD checked with the city, he would have known, in advance, that the house had lead paint and asbestos. The Whittier Conservancy would have told him. He wouldn’t have been “surprised” at the exorbitant costs of lead paint and asbestos removal. And he wouldn’t have been “surprised” by the costs of Mills Act requirements on the home. So, either he is a real idiot or he likes to slide in without checking with city building enforcement.

          • TruthtoTruthtellers

            So what I’m hearing is that this guy ignored zoning regulations while being FILMED ON TELEVISION? Epic fail!

          • Especially here in Whittier. Code enforcement is vicious! Add to it that the house was in the Historic District, which meant that it fell under the Mills Act. He should have known that from the MLS. The house required lead paint and asbestos removal, which he didn’t factor into his budget. If you reno a home that is pre-1980’s, ALWAYS factor in the possibility of lead paint/asbestos removal….especially a historic home. And that has to follow STATE standards. He had no one to blame but himself.

          • danuta allen

            I just saw the episode on the historic home. I totally agree with you. Wonder if that was done to teach those who might be interested to buy or flip a lesson that might not otherwise enter their thoughts.

          • You only found out in the update show that it was in the Historic Neighborhood.

          • marsham618

            I really like your positive spin on this! I wondered the same. I think that it must be daunting to be working in so many different municipalities and HOAs with so many rules. I know it is reasonable to research these things, but as I recall, the contractor in this episode was not on the show again… therein may lie the problem. In later shows, I noticed that Tarek would ask the contractor about municipal codes and permits. No one person could possibly know all of this.

          • Daryl Bradshaw

            and “vermiculite”.

          • Carolann

            I wouldn’t live in California for any amount of $$$!

          • And we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!!

          • Mollie Brown

            I do not believe That home was in a historic district…they simply filmed that sign for interest…as they do many interesting scenes around a town. I have never heard of a home from the 1970s being historic. I doubt the city would have advised about asbestos either…that is up to the builder/inspector. That was not a Mills Act home either.

            I live in a 1923 home in Whittier.

          • Mollie Brown

            Are you talking about a different Whittier house? I was referring to the one with the 14,000 door! Maybe I misunderstood…not that this ever happens to me!

            They now rehab multiple homes at a time so I am not surprised they sometimes come in just for tapings…I think they show the ones with some interest…

            All these shows deal with mold and asbestos, plumbing,code issues, I have seen that many times. A home inspector hired by the buyers (in California) is likely to know asbestos when he sees it. Homes going through the real estate process in California all have inspections paid for by the home buyer. I have seen sales between family members
            that do not follow this process.

            I have NO idea where this columnist got the idea that the house hunter people are paid actors!!!!

            If so, they are the worst actors I have seen…they give their occupations, names etc…do I think there is editing with the taping? Yes of course! …I think they see a lot more homes than are shown….

            Even if they have already gone through the process, I enjoy that they may also go back and visit the other homes, and explain why they did not chose one of them, by making it look like they are cogitating over it, but of course, these are reenactments of their real earlier thought process. I enjoy seeing the renovations,and I enjoy walking through the houses with people.

            Whoever wrote that thing about the house hunter people being paid actors needs a rest!

          • Merlinsscience

            Of course, one could counter, the Mills Act was put into place in order to keep “undesirables” (read: non-whites) from entering the neighborhood by creating massive hurdles ($$$) to surmount for ownership. In reality, lead and asbestos remediation is neither complicated or terribly expensive- unless you live in CA. Then it’s absurdly expensive.

          • Summer Smith


          • Possibly. But the homes in Whittier that fall under the Mills Act are historic homes that our community wishes to be protected. These are homes that are part of the history of our one hundred year old Quaker town. It’s not like it’s the only housing available in our city. And it’s not even the wealthiest part of our town. Just the oldest.

          • Bev Knox

            I wish America was geared that way. How much better off America was back then

          • Garth Homer

            You mean back when cross burning was a fun family activity, Bev?

          • Donna Lopez

            This couple has zero regard for neighbors that live by the homes they purchase! We live on the street where their latest remodel is being done and Tarek & Christina only come for the staged tapings. We have had their workers double and triple park, nails left on the street and the most recent thing they’ve pulled is tried to tear down a joint wall! They have no courtesy or professionalism at all!

          • Devils Advocate

            What is more likely is he knew about all this and had it factored into the price. But acting like he does not know adds some drama to the show

          • swany

            He’ll never be mistaken for an award winning actor…not even by Faye Dunaway.

        • Barbaree

          That’s exactly what I’ve always wondered. I would be leery of buying a house that previously had mold, water damage, or termite problems. You don’t know what’s going on behind those beautiful walls.

    • Dianna Skare

      Yes they are done quickly but an honest custom carpenter ( professional) would guarantee the work for ‘ up to 90 days’ !!! It is common for a tired rushed worker to overlook tightening that One Connector out of 30 so they usually put everything through a ” trial run”! I’m sorry for your troubles ! I know my husband would have been there on the first to last found problem…. Although he has had only half a over 40 years! Very disappointed in those 2 that they weren’t there for you !

  • flipperdadeuce

    They flip lots of houses,more than they show on tv. They most film multiple flips and likely pick the the best ones that will be better tv.

  • Pooh

    The show is entertaining and one can take away some good decorating ideas. But keep in mind, there’s not much reality on reality shows and should be viewed as such.

  • walter

    This show is sooo fake! There is absolutely no way for them to rehab These houses for the prices the show portrays and that’s a fact. Call a contractor or 10 of them and get a price for just 1 room to rehab and replace the fixtures with the cheapest ones you can find and you will still be easily 3 or 4 times as much as these people are trying to tell you they fix a house for. It s just another tv dream but definitely not reality! I dare you to try and rehab a house like they do and you do all the work The items to complete the job alone will be 3 to 4 times that which they portray to do the whole job .

    • Moondoggie

      I just watched an episode where they were not allowed to inspect the property before they bid at auction. They looked at some pictures the bank provided but didn’t even drive by the house to peek from the street. Who spends $410,000 on a house without at least walking around the outside? Fake, fake, fake.

  • walter

    Here s one for you Hollywood ! I challenge you to come to my house and do all the things you portray, painting every room, new hardwood floors, new kitchen, with high end cabinets and high end appliances, new bathrooms, landscaping ! And here’s the kicker! I will pay you 40 to 60 thousand for the job. Because that’s about what the average is on the show you portray, you can do all these things for! Put up or shut up! There’s a show!

  • mike

    as a flipper myself… i believe this show is pretty much on the level. Scenes where Pete DeBest is on Terak’s back simply cannot be faked. These two are real risk takers. Christina”s interior decorating skills are very good. Some shooting may be edited for emphasis… but I do believe the integrity of this show.

    • walter

      As a flipper yourself you would also know that what the show doesn’t show you is all the research involved in purchasing a house at certain types of auctions. It’s not done over the phone in a second. If you don’t do that research you could be stuck with encumbrances worth more than the house. For example, a sheriffs or constables sale is much different than a mortgagee auction. This show portrays way too many liberties, their rehab costs are incredibly undervalued. A reality show should be a real portrayal. Watch “Wheeler Dealers” the number are believable and they don’t portray making incredible profits. It s all in what the viewer wants to take away from the show, maybe just ideas for their home. But please don’t use the term integrity, that is far from truth!

      • mike

        walt… i agree their rehab costs are unrealistic. i believe the contractors are cutting them slack in order to get the exposure (that’s all i can make of it… it’s possible, no?). i agree with your “research” position. my bet is the producers do not want to bore the audience.. so most of the research is not shown. but to accuse the show of being totally faked… i don’t buy that. your reply was intelligent and well spoken. you sound like a smart guy. tx. hope to hear back from you.

    • maytrix1

      As a flipper, are you always shocked at the prices like they are? I just find that funny – I guess the show feels they need to stick to the same script – rather than him knowing what things should cost..

    • Lilli

      Her decorating skills usually do not divert from travertine tilings and granite top counters … I’m not impressed. Travertine is a pain in the butt to clean and take care of.

      • mike

        lilli… yours is a weak argument. prospective buyers are impressed with her skills. buyers are the most difficult core to impress.

        • Lilli

          And they’re going to end up replacing that shit that they overpaid for guaranteed.

        • Patchi

          I think they only air great feedback. If you”ve been in one house you have seen them all. She know exactly 5 decorating terms and uses them on every show.

          • patriotKiki

            That is what flippers do – it is a recipe, and it usually works. That being said, they should know EXACTLY how much everything costs because they use it over and over.

        • wendy



      • Holly

        Every house looks virtually the same; granite, travertine, tan walls, nothing with a wow factor as she would say. Same old, same old.

        • Lilli

          Yes, exactly.

          • fidgefodge

            The thing is they are selling to the generic buyer which likes granite, stainless steel and neutral colours.

            Not my personal taste but they are there just to flip homes. Not do interesting design so that a specific buyer will like it.

            I wouldn’t buy their homes because I generally dislike “new” homes but most people like cookie cutter.

      • patriotKiki

        Not to mention that travertine floors are a REAL pain in the Shins for cooks – they are way too hard to stand on for long periods. And they also are not great for kids as you can guarantee that Every plate and glass that is dropped on the floor will shatter. I will never put it into a kitchen, as a flipper! I Do not want mad moms. There are new tiles available that look like ceramic but have some “give” to them

    • wendy

      Decorating skills? You must be a friend of theirs! hahahaahh



    • Lizèa Bourgeouis

      LOL mike I bet $100 you are actually Tarek or Christina in disguise posting to make yourself look good. You can’t POSSIBLY think Christina has “very good” interior decorating skills LOLOL that’s hilarious, really.

    • ItlnGuy99

      Thank you, I feel the same on her decorating style. I watched a marathon while home sick and she did gray in every house. While it seemed like she was just repeating a color palate the results were beautiful. I also agree that Tarek wants to scrimp or ignore things that I wouldn’t even think of doing. I live in a 90 year old Chicago bungalow, so some of the tearing down all the walls won’t work here. However, I have smaller rooms, so some of the design and color choices would work well here.

  • wes

    I went to a free class with flip or flop, First they sre not there. Its a bunch of sakes people. At the end to get any information it was 1995.00 I paid it since it came with a money back guarantee. At that class they then try to get you to up your credit Line on your credit csrds and sell you another class for 49,000. I did not do that. I sold some houses though but with the warrantee i did not get my money back even though i bought and sold 3 houses.
    I would run From this… They are high pressure, say what you want to hear to get your money so then they can try to talk you in to raising your credit limit and then spend another 28,000 to 49,000. Stay away . Scam scam. I’m filling with the district attorney office. ..

    Call Me With questions, 832.428.0543

    • Wes B Chorn

      This is Wes, I do want to add a comment. I have heard back from them and they were not aware of my situation and got involved. They have now made all good with me according to my agreement I did at the class. They did give every person that enrolled a guarantee to get your money back. That part they did honor. They seen that I did what was asked and then they honored my agreement they did with me. I DO RETRACT MY PREVIOUS STATMENT ABOUT THEM, THEY ARE HONEST AND HONERED THERE AGREEMENT WITH ME.

      • jsane

        Sounds like someone got threatened with a suit.

        • BSFilter

          It surely does.

      • Aaron Steckman

        Signed, wes’s attorney.

        • Wes B Chorn


    • Robert Abooey

      This sounds exactly what Donald Trump was doing with his bogus Trump University.

      If that was indeed what Tarek and Christina were doing then shame on them.

  • Wax

    The episode that where they put the hardwood stairs in and it was 190 per stair, i just had mine done…$423 per stair, new planks, stain and finished. Mine were more decorative with metal spindles but still, that seemed very low priced to me.

  • Cat

    I dislike this show a lot! Don’t like the cast of characters and when they are constantly moaning about the “problems” I think poor you…making money having a show, and you can afford to buy all these houses…hard to feel bad. I feel they are pretentious. I see their viewing audience dwindling with each viewing. I am sick of seeing the commercials for this show.

    • maytrix1

      Not to mention they complain about how much they are spending yet drive around in a $60-80k vehicle.. if money is so tight, why not drive around in something more economical? Who needs a huge vehicle like that anyway when its 2 adults and 1 kid..

      • JuanEllisBush

        Lots of morons these days. Only believable part of the show. They should also go to the Apple store for new 600 dollar phones while complaining about money, that would also be realistic for the times.

  • I stopped watching these “house flipping” shows years ago. They make me cringe! These shows always portray drama and situations that I just cannot relate to. I’ve been a real estate investor since 1993, bought 100’s of houses, and I cannot recall a single time when I thought to myself, “This would make a great TV show!”

  • Aaron Katz

    Its sad to see so many people lose money to TV personalities that suck so many people in. The statistics are very telling. There are very few who go to these seminars and spend money, that end up succeeding. There is no easy way to become wealthy in residential real estate investing. I was very fortunate. i was one of those guys who went to a seminar like this back in 2006 in Boston and bought into one of these guru programs. i was very lucky because while at the seminar I met someone from HomeVestors (We Buy Ugly Houses). Soon after, I purchased a HomeVestors franchise. I am now in my 9th year as a HomeVestors franchisee. It’s a real system with real coaches, support, training, real financing for our deals, and real leads from real customers. it actually works. I left my corporate job back in 2006 to do this full time and never looked back. I recently became a Development Agent at HV and I help train and coach new HV franchisees. HomeVestors franchises have become quite popular due to the guru business attracting so many people and leaving them empty handed, in need of real training and a real program. HomeVestors is still selling franchises throughout the country. It is worth every penny.

    • LuvNLife

      What a great, long paragraph of nothing but spam; you’re a walking, talking infomercial.

      It’s also sad to see homeowners lose so much to people like yourself. Do you tell them up-front, you’re job is NOT to outright buy their property, but tie it up so you can, in turn, market it to investors, and during that time, the homeowner has to just sit on their hands? Or, do you talk to them about things like a wraparound mortgage, and explain fully, in layman’s language, the potential pitfalls on their part? If they’re so broke they can’t afford their home, where are they going to find the money to foreclose on it if something goes wrong?

      You’re living in a glass house. Don’t throw stones at others…

      • BSFilter

        Let me see. You must be associated with the El Moussas. Your smug comments to two posters here reek of it. LuvNLife…how about getting one. SMDH….

        • LuvNLife

          Nope; I live in VA, and am retired. I wouldn’t know them if I tripped over ’em.

          Funny – your screen name is BSFilter. That’s laughable, since you want to perpetuate the BS from the 2 posters I pointed out. So, who’s the shill there, son?

          How about directly addressing the subject of wraparound mortgages and the down side of them for the consumer? How about directly addressing all of the potential negatives of a consumer dealing with WeBuyBlahBlahHouses? Want to defend the cause? Then, lay out all the facts, negative as well as positive.

          Oh, yeah – I do have a great life. Retired, no debt, and have my health. Life is good.

  • Veronica Bower

    This show is an absolute joke! The bimbo blonde and the GQ husband never think about getting their hands dirty and never pitch in to help when the time is running out! Come HGTV, give me a break! I know, I am in the flipping business and have my hands on every piece of the puzzle and its worth it because I am not paying a bunch of guys to do my work. This show is so ridiculous and being also a master color matcher and paint coordinator for many years, the colors they use are absolutely horrid! How does a bimbo couple like this get a show on television? HGTV has really gone down hill with these young people trying to show veterans in the business “how to do it”. LIke hell you will! The show sucks!

    • peoplearenuts

      I agree with you. The latest promos show him actually doing something – more than he’s done on any episode. She is a twink. How this show got renewed is beyond me.

    • Meredith Horne

      I can’t stand how on EVERY episode they only have one hour to get to the auction and are buying “sight unseen.” Obviously scripted or they are just horrible at time management.

    • ItlnGuy99

      Nice to hear a response from someone who is actually in the business. I do find all the choices the same, but when you are home sick it’s a great way to pass the time, HGTV that is. Do you use Stagers? I’m planning on retiring to AZ and getting my real estate license, plus taking a staging course.

  • Henry

    All I can say about these two is A Blonde Moment and Jimmy Newtron…

  • Mike Smith

    Starting to be disappointed in the show. Like every other reality show it’s starting to become scripted. Insulting the viewers intelligence. For example their car being stolen. And the house they bought that was in perfect condition Someone has a party over the weekend and trash is the inside. They were raving about how good the floors were and of course they were destroyed in the party. Why do they think that they need to do stuff like that to make it interesting. We want reality. Probably will stop watching HGTV because of this.


    • Bruce Wayne

      Yeah, I saw that episode too. It was so fake and obvious acting.

      • Cindy

        Hgtv is full of pretty faces with no design experience! The network was great when it started but I haven’t watched it since Candace left.

        • JON LEIGH

          Christina has no business decorating! She’s absolutely clueless!!! Everything is black, white and/or grey. No matter how much $ she spends it always looks cheesy and tired. Ughhh!! Someone save her from herself! Lol!
          He’s just a joke.

        • Anna Maria Yoakum

          Enjoyed watching Candice Olson’s “Divine Design”. She had talent, was quite creative and also had a keen sense of humor. Always wondered why HGTV stopped the show – have a feeling it was Candice’s decision to leave.

    • Rachel

      That’s so funny! I’m watching that episode right now and it’s the one that make me think that some of this has got to be staged.

    • BBslider001

      My wife are just watching this now and finally said “man this seems really fake and staged”. I HATE that these shows think they need to adddrama as if watching a house renovation is just not enough. it makes me begin to hate these shows and not want to watch, but we’ll keep watching just for the “before and after” effect.

    • nerdy

      That same episode someone stole the water heater but apparently took the time to drain the water heater by running a hose outside and disconnected the tank rather than cutting??? How considerate. Around here they wouldn’t even bother shutting the water off. Hmmm

    • Robert Wampler

      Mike I totally agree with you. When I saw that scene I knew right away it had to have been “staged” by the producers. The “graffiti” on the walls were just a squiggle… just didn’t make any sense at all. From that moment on, I have been skeptical of everything on the show. And the fact that they are making 50-85K on every house just don’t seem realistic at all. I do like to see the end results, but just feel this is a classic case of HOLLYWOOD.

    • Ann Turta

      Yeah I’ve seen that episode repeat a couple times now and it’s ridiculous. It was supposedly 4 days between Tarek making the phone call and them getting the house. These “partiers” not only brought spray paint but also brought hammers to smash up the floor? What kind of vandal would go that far? And put a shirt into the pool filter intake to destroy the motor? This is just way too much. And these kids brought like a hundred red Solo cups…what punk vandals bring red Solo cups, spray cans, tools, etc. to get drunk in a vacant house?

    • Jay

      which season was this episode in??

  • Neisha Lori Sunshine

    The episode that I’m watching right now when the house was damaged and you had to fix it your Contractor did that shit. How convenient his crew was there ready to fix a completed house. Are you guys idiots. Your contractor stole the freaking water heater…wake the fuck up

  • Bruce Wayne

    The show is so laughably fake. The producers manufacture these fake “horror” scenarios to play up the suspense like the time when people invaded their house and partied in it leaving a mess.

    Christina’s whole personality is annoying. Her nasal voice, her fake bleached hair, the bleached teeth, the spray tan, everything.

    Both of them just sit back and bark orders. Anytime the camera shows them getting their hands “dirty”, it’s just for show.

    The couple are unlikeable. Always whining about what new “problem” they have. It’s hard to relate to them when they’re getting paid thousands of dollars to act a scripted show.

  • Joe_D_Messina

    It’d be a far better show if you saw an occasional flop where they had to eat some losses. But I’ve watched this quite a bit and still haven’t seen one where they lost anything. Even the one where they bought the house at pretty much market value expecting to spend almost nothing on the flip only to have it vandalized AND the water heater stolen later in the flip turned out to be a really nice profit. It’s completely unrealistic.

    And he plays the conservative one who never wants to spend any money while she always wants to redo the entire house. Given things turn out golden every single time wouldn’t he at some point come around to her point of view and always dump a bit more money in to maximize the return? His thinking is much more realistic but nobody would behave in that manner unless they occasionally did hit a flop and lose some cash.

    • ramrice

      I agree! I watched a show where the house was sitting on the market for 3 weeks and surprise surprise–they got full asking price and turned a 50k profit.
      I also am annoyed that they don’t do any work themselves

      • Barbaree

        They often work along with the contractor. In any case, they’re paying the contractor to do the work. They don’t have to do any work.

    • Ann Turta

      I think the reason they almost never show “flops” is that every “flop” undermines the credibility of Tarek and Christina as flippers. Flop too much and viewers start to ask, why am I watching a show about flippers who don’t know how to flip? HGTV is all about brand-building around their stars (so they can extend them into other products/shows/money-making ventures), so that credibility is WAY more important than realism.

  • KA H

    The show is really good but since IZZY is gone it isn’t the same. They tell us he is doing other jobs. Well bring him to the
    jobs you filming duh. They also
    never tell you what happened
    if a home doesn’t sell. There should be a way to find out
    since we watched that whole
    episode. I love the way they
    flip houses but the other contractors are boring IZZY is
    cool and changing a good show is dumb. Why is he gone. Congrats on the new baby

  • Pravda

    Something just doesn’t seem right here. If they are making so much money from each flip ($25k to over $100k on each flip one would think they wouldn’t need to borrow money from mom or the money lenders they use.

    In addition they must be making several thousand for their appearance in each episode.

    Something that is fake (or they are violation California law) are the phone calls. California is an all parties to a call have to give consent to record the call.

    Are they fake calls or breaking California law?

    • Ann Turta

      When Tarek calls someone, the producers have probably already called that person and gotten their permission to record the call. Or maybe Tarek just asks the person if they mind if the call is recorded, and they edit that part out.

  • What is sad is that these two and many others with lots of cash including foreign nationals are in the low end housing market out-competing first time buyers for homes and then remodeling them and driving up the prices of all houses. What first time buyer can compete with an all cash offer? Not many if any and I know of someone who was told by a real estate agent not to bother even trying as they would not succeed.

  • James E. Bussey

    Israel the contractor is very pricey…you would think by now they should know that he is taking them to the bank.

  • Cassandra Burch

    I want to know which one is flip and which one is flop. Mostly I just love calling Christina flop because she has the personality of a floppy wet dish rag. But maybe I’m wrong, Tareq could be flop too. Mostly I just admire this couple for keeping it professional on screen – I never see them bicker or disrespect each other. I’m sure there are off screen times that aren’t pretty but keeping chill on screen is still commendable. Although Christina ‘flop’ seems medicated so you never know.

  • JS333

    I’m sure there is some staging involved & even parts of the show that aren’t staged are likely exaggerated for TV as I doubt all of their flips get high end finishes and end up going over budget, while still making a profit. Most properties probably get just enough to make it sell. However, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with managing the project and not doing the labor themselves. They’re always courteous to the crew and probably recognize that construction projects are best left to professionals. If you are flipping homes, and you’re not a licensed contractor, you shouldn’t be doing any of the work besides maybe some painting or cleaning. Do it yourself flippers make serious mistakes that compromise the homes integrity due to their lack of construction knowledge. On the “First time Flippers” show I cringe at the stuff the people do to those homes without any professional help. Who wants to live in that home when they’re done? There should really be tighter regulations about that. However, if you’re buying a flipped home you still need to do your due dillegence. Some flippers may cut corners, but many may not have knowledge of the existing problems. It is unrealistic to think they would take the home down to the studs to check for problems in the entire home. If it doesn’t come up during their project, they have know way of knowing about the problem. Just because the surface looks pretty doesn’t change the fact it’s not a new home. People still need to use some common sense.

  • Vivien

    This couple lacks any personality. I can’t stand to listen to them talk. Nothing they say is interesting. Now fixer upper is a good show. Such a playful couple. The decorating is creative and original. Where flip or flop design is boring basic designs.

    • Betty Blankenship

      Love fixer upper!!!!! That couple is a joy to watch, so down to earth.

    • Meredith Horne

      Love Fixer Upper! I want to just hang out with them at the farm and help them choose accessories from their store!!!!

  • BigPlanDan

    I am a real estate junkie and wish I could watch this show. However, it uses the same template over and over: They run into unexpected problems and, time after time, Tarek does the same horrible acting job in trying to build a dramatic story that they are going to lose their pants on the deal. So, we are supposed to stay glued to our seats, cheering for the young couple to somehow get out of their horrible situation and make a profit. Barf!!! And did Tarek lose his smile muscles? The guy has the personality of a zombie. Boring!!!!!

  • Nikki

    I like the idea of the show but the dialog seems scripted and robotic, not to mention the Dramatics. One show their car was stolen and the camera crew conveniently caught their SUV slowing driving away. Ya right! Also pretty hilarious when the camera pans to Terek “installing a pipe” or “demo-ing”. It’s extremely insulting that the producers would film and edit this way.

  • KA H

    Flip or Flop got rid of Izzy. The show really is boring now. All
    they said he is working on other jobs. He added character to the show. It is not the same. I think
    people liked Izzy and it was an ego issue. There are multiple
    requests by fans on face book to bring him back. The other contractors are boring.

    • phardee3

      They did NOT get rid of him.

      • KA H

        Yeah they use him once or twice a season. That is gone. It is all ego.

  • sara56

    I like this show a lot. Mainly because of Christina. I like her lack of emotion and that she does not have to have her ego fed. She is all about getting the house sold. She picks out what the buyers will want and does a good job. And she and Tarek take their lumps. Some of their flips do not sell, or for very little, hence the flop. They just pick up and move on.

  • Holly

    I have to agree; she seems like a nice girl, but that voice and Valley Girl talk. Ever notice the last word of every sentence she stretches out and up? Like a question. And yes, ridiculous clothes, hair and makeup for a ‘flipper’ … Come on – just be real.

    • James E. Bussey

      Lol…so true

    • Betty Blankenship

      I haven’t watch this show much, as I can’t stand her voice & he usually has that clueless look on his face. I started watching some of the older episodes, but quit. I would rather watch re runs of the Walking Dead!!

  • Holly

    I gotta think this is so staged. one episode there was a mouse in the scummy house. But it was a white mouse, like one you’d buy at a pet store. Never seen a white mouse in a dirty house. I think it was planted for the show.

    • dillbean

      I asked my husband later, if you saw a mouse in our house, what color would it be? That cracked me up – so obviously staged.

    • Jso Rsa


    • trash panda

      I found this site after googling “white mouse flip or flop” to see if anyone else agreed! YES. Total pet store mouse!

  • Stargazer

    The only enjoyable and real thing about this show is the final outcome of the flip. The auctions are fake, same people at every auction and they always outbid? I think not. One episode should a house in really nice condition and they could keep a lot of things in the house, but suddenly over the weekend it was trashed? I think not. Staged…all of it. Even the people looking at the homes are either hired actors or family. Her tan isn’t even real. Do they raise their own child because they are always dumping her of. Oh yeah, and the scenes where they are supposedly at home, not even their house. The show is laughable and predictable.

    • Adoptoldercats

      They never show the auctions they lose which are likely 10 to 1. It doesn’t make for good television. They had a show recently with explanations for viewers and showed all of the flops which were several. We don’t hear about them, just that they might have to lower the price. The El Moussas now have a large corporate office so they are very successful no matter how disliked they are by some of the people on this board. Apparently they have a knack. They do have a partner who invests some of the money. Their net worth is now very high and when they were broke, they borrowed the funds to buy the homes and flipped them with lower end finishes. The houses they bought then were smaller and in not so great neighborhoods.

      • Aaron Steckman

        Yes they do real estate seminars and scam people out of tens of thousands of dollars. They are doing well.

  • Anna USF

    Wow, for those of you criticizing the series, and again, this is a TV SHOW, not real life for those of you who don’t know how to change the channel or even turn off your set, you sure know a lot about the individual episodes!

  • Pitaann

    What I think is funny is that they do none of the work. They hire the contractors, and a staging company! They pick out tile and flooring!! A monkey can do that. The only thing they do is put up the money, and sometimes they can’t even come up with that. Love HGTV, but am done watching these two idiots.

    • Barbaree

      I’ve often seen them working alongside the contractors.

      • Lizèa Bourgeouis

        LOL doing what? A shot of Christina pushing a broom and Tarek placing ONE piece of tile? HA HA

        • Robert Abooey

          The parts of the show where Tarek is doing some tiling or demolition are obviously staged. Why they insist on doing this on the show is a mystery to me.

          The other thing that makes no sense is when they show Tarek carrying heavy objects like granite counters. As per one of the episodes he supposedly has a bad back for years so why he would be doing this type of physical labor makes zero sense.

  • Cher007

    I am watching an older show-‘Big Lot,Little Flip” Why wouldn’t they ask the realtor that they where buying the home from, if they could build another home on the large back yard, before buying the property. Plus they knew the walls had horrible cracks & the floor was not level, why would you buy that house. I enjoy this show., but the home had to many problems before they even bought it. Can’t figure out why, you would invest $272.00 in buying the home & over 100.000. in rebuilding it. Was on the market for over 1 month and they lost $$$ -3,300..ASK questions before buying a home. Please, I do not want to see you lose money.

  • danuta allen

    I think if Christina spent less money on clothes, hair, make up, (I’m guessing about $500,000 a season she would not have to borrow money from others.

  • David Burris

    All he does all during the show is complain they’re going to lose money. Almost every show they make 40,000 to 95,000. Their net worth is like at least 2 million dollars. I saw one show they lost a few thousand on a house. Dumb show but my wife likes to watch it when nothing else is on.

  • Patchi

    Just before I turned the TV off she said” this floor is really purdy.

  • harold

    went to tarek and christina’s special event and it was horrible some guy called wyman was so annoying and talkd so fast and said the same thing over and over again but in different ways it was a snow job i use to like them but after their stupid event and they were a no show of course his excuse was his wife just had a baby but it was almost 2 weeks after that i hear they never show up high powered talker wyman was almost like he was bullying you into take some stupid course it was awful jeers to christina and tarek

    • hammerhead993

      You know Harold, punctuation really is a thing.

  • Jack

    Look at all these haters. Can’t a girl take care of herself? If she was ugly you people would be talking shit too. Don’t get mad cause someone is pretty and on TV. Yall sound like a bunch of jealous females.

  • Nunyabiznus

    Holy Smokes, What a bunch of whining jealous snobs you all are on here. Quit crying and cutting others down and get on with your own life…If all you snivelers are “Real” flippers we are in a world of hurt…..Jeeze.

  • John_Citezano

    They went bankrupt during the housing bubble ,didn’t they. Lost their house, and jobs , both being in real estate. They had to borrow from relatives including mommy and Daddy! They overspend on everything. I don’t think much has changed. Once a loser always a loser!

  • judy

    Glad im not the only one! Flip or flop is extremely misleading and fake! Last episode i watched they got an estimate for totally gutting and renovating a kitchen for $8,000. Do they think their viewers are fools? Duh you can renovate a kitchen for $8,000. More like $38,000. And no less in California. so disappointed, done watching.

    • Robert Abooey

      That is the one thing I have always wondered about the show — the estimated costs for a kitchen or bathroom remodel seem incredibly low based on what I have heard from knowledgeable real estate people.

      Maybe they are getting their materials for the remodels really cheap in return for showing the places where they buy them on TV and perhaps on the Internet.

  • Sammy Maldonado

    I just discovered the show today and I have watched 6 episodes and have realized that Christina has no talent. Her decorating ideas or boring and predictable that do not make a great tv show because 5 out of 6 episodes she decorated the kitchens with white cabinets, white backsplash with a dark floor and the bathroom tiles are the same white tiles used in the kitchen backsplash. HOW BORING!!!

    • Adoptoldercats

      That is what the average homebuyer wants. Vanilla, not anything cool or fun!

  • MagnoliaHill

    What a false flop…anyone with residential construction knowledge can see this is a show filled with lies. Prices, renovations, and estimates are ridiculous. Sadly it leads people into thinking, “I can do this!” As a licensed high-end builder for over 35 years, I laugh each time I see this couple.

  • Fake

    I absolutely hate this show they need to take it off of HGTV. I absolutely love watching HGTV and I love all of the shows on it except for this one. The couple looks fake their work is fake their experience is fake and it’s scripted! What kind of a name is Tarek anyways like what? Watching him look clueless at those auctions makes me feel awkward sitting at home. I HATE IT Can we petition to get it off my favorite tv station lol.
    Ps nice cargo shorts.

    • Adoptoldercats

      Tarek El Moussa is of African descent. Likely Morrocan, Turkish or Lebanese is my guess or perhaps Egyptian

    • phardee3

      You’re a moron. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. You’re nothing.

    • Joanne

      You are funny. I always thought he had a wide eyed goofy look on his face at the auctions too, which to me were rather comical, but not necessarily in a bad way. But I like your explanation of it better.

  • fidgefodge

    Of course there are some dramatic reenactments. The cameras can’t always be around. Like the Property Brothers. You have to already have purchased a fixer upper. The scenes where they look at more homes is faked. Drew doesn’t even negotiate your purchase he just reenacts the purchase.

  • (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

    You can stage events, but you can’t fake a renovation. 100% of reality shows are staged, so if you’re not in it solely to watch a pumpkin transform into a stagecoach, why are you watching at all?

    With this particular show, you must ask yourself if you can deal with Barbie & Ken.

  • Jack

    Thank goodness Terek has some brains because Christina is a ditz. She could also use some fashion advice. She brings nothing to the show but a rack.

  • AnonymousAndy

    Watching Too Good To Be True as I type this. Soon as episode started they talked about how clean and nice the Anaheim home already is. And that they expected something weird to happen. They go there the following Monday and there are very obviously placed plastic cups, a handful a cigarette butts, a hole in door and a hole in the floor and some spray painted squiggles plus a clogged pool filter. Now the hot water tank is missing. THIS IS TOTALLY STAGED GARBAGE! Everything damaged they were fixing anyways. Same with the hot water tank. By the way this is the first episode I’ve seen and I’ve come to this conclusion. Not to mention they aren’t surprised like, AT ALL. And if this really happened they would surely have hired a security guard. Being rich and all, just to watch it a couple days. Just saying.

    • Aaron Steckman

      Exactly. And after the house was vandalized why would you not keep watch on it and prevent the water heater theft. And are we really supposed to believe that the production team didn’t have to be there over the weekend for shot set ups? I don’t mind a little fancy editing or inflated numbers for profits but why insult my intelligence like those CLEARLY UNUSED, UNHANDLED RED CUPS! I bet if I threw a red solo cup onto a boxwood 100 times it wouldn’t once fix itself halway down into the bush like that. A child could fake that scene better.

  • geri

    Just wondering on flip or flop what is it Christina does accept walk in and out of the house

    • JuanEllisBush

      She picks paint colors, countertops, tile, ect. Tarek is the one with nothing to do. He makes suggestions and she shoots them down.

      • Susan

        Yes she picks paint inside & out, tiles, granite and on every show she PICKS GRAY! What’s with gray? It’s boring & ugly. Tans are neutral, gray doesn’t appeal to most people.

  • sab1053

    I’m sure most of this is scripted. My favorite episode was when they ran out of money because of some unexpected repairs. They needed an extra $15000. So they asked Christina’s father for a loan. Then he was wary of the loan and wanted to talk it over. Please. Put it on a credit card or sell that $80000 Escalade. You would think they would have some cash in the bank after all those profits. Cut out the drama and stay a little closer to the “This Old House” script.

  • Scot Ayers

    It’s called entertainment people.

  • LynG

    I don’t believe all what’s going on with that show either–big mistakes for “professionals.” Tarek could use a new hairdo–his current one makes the top of his head look “pointy.” Christina’s “valley girl” voice also grates on my nerves. I wish these types of shows were more realistic.

    • 2fake

      I completely agree with your comments. I can’t believe the low costs of their upgrades. $20k for a completely new kitchen?? Labor can’t be that cheap; it’s in CA! I stopped watching the show because I thought it too phony and I couldn’t stand Christina’s voice.

  • Karen

    I tried to watch this show, but I can’t stand Christina’s whiney nasal voice. It makes me cringe when she speaks.

  • JuanEllisBush

    I don’t even understand what Tarek brings to the table. Hurt his back the one time he tried to move something so work is out. Christina agrees with his choice of countertop, tile, shingles, paint, pavers, doors, windows, shutters, ect. about 5% of the time despite only picking from two or three. You could randomly call people on the phone and get agreement more often.

  • baxtus

    Everything on HGTV is fake

    Just accept it for what it is, fun to watch but completely staged

  • Valerie Mantz

    What I would like to understand/know do people really buy houses not seen or inspected? I am watching an episode where they go to a house they just bought, completely vandalized including cement in the toilets/plumbing. I just can not imagine that a bank would get by with selling this sort of property or that anyone would take the risk of buying a house before they went and inspected the property.

  • Valerie Mantz

    OK OK even the rats are fake. White rats are domestic rats.

  • Valerie Mantz

    And do people really buy houses without looking at them?

  • Susan Fillipow

    they have a facebook page tarek and chrsitina; this morn there was some crit of christinas chicklet teeth, false eyelashes and expensive clothing…..she was a tearful mess over anyone should make any crit of her or the show. Her husband went off the rails on facebook and blocked anyone who dared to crit. his show….so far there are over 15000+ comments and not one crit about the show.

  • NyTxToast

    Real or not I just like seeing the transformation of the houses. Same reason I deal with Flipping Vegas. I’m terrible with money and numbers in general so any time they talk about cost they may as well be speaking mandarin.

  • Sam

    So many strange posters here. What’s with the attacks on Christina’s appearance? No one felt the need to lay into Tareq at all (and he’s not handsome in the slightest). Is Christina required to be attractive to every single person? (And it’s all women doing it. What do you ladies look like?) Christina’s quite pretty. Fake tanning is a healthier choice than real tanning; I’m not going to slam the woman for wanting a bit of color without risking cancer. Her hair is real and I’m laughing over the idea that anyone could look at her hair and think she has extensions. Her hair would be the Before in an extensions ad. And none of you know anything about accents, speech patterns, verbal tics, etc., because she doesn’t have a Valley Girl accent. That’s a very specific thing not any voice a blonde woman has that you don’t like. Nor does she use ‘up-speak’ all that often. There’s a difference between up-speak and couching your opinions as questions because you think they’ll be better received, a documented habit in women. Also, she’s the smarter of the two. Watch earlier episodes- Tareq wants to spend 10 grand max on each flip, keeping crappy cheap cabinets and hideous tile and just painting the walls and redoing the carpet. She pushed for nice paint, tile, flooring. Most of their flops have been his choices, when he bought without her.

    Dang. I don’t even like this woman and y’all have me defending her. A lot of the attacks on her are pretty irrelevant. What does bleaching your teeth have to do with anything? (Yellow teeth are stained teeth. If something is stained it is dirty by definition. Some people take whitening too far but it’s not like her teeth glow in the dark.) I came here to see how staged the show was, not read people’s comments about how her modest-sized breasts MUST be implants (determined how? Because you think they’re tacky and you don’t like her so she must have implants?)

    Judging by your tiny icons, most of you are way too old to be acting like this. Way, way too old.

  • Patchi

    I was looking for another blog not Mr. and Mrs. Flip Flop and found one about their baby who was born in Sept. Then they said something “tragic” or something close to that had happened and it seems Christine got a text from Not a Fan, that said she should have bought a cat rather than have a baby because she is bottle feeding and had a cesarean. Christine as usual had a melt down. I thought something wrong with the baby. She is such a jackass and I wish she would go to speech therapy. Her daughter will end up talking just like her.

  • Patchi

    And I still can’t figure out why they have to keep borrowing money from each of their parents. Israel probably has more money in the bank than they do.

  • Tcetihcra

    This couple doesn’t give a crap about the homes or the people buying them and they cut corners all the time. I feel so bad for the people buying the’s homes.

  • sab1053

    What I can’t stand is the drama, like everyone here says. They’re always bitching that by having to spend an extra $3000, they’ll go broke. You would think that with all the flips they would have some cash set aside. My favorite episode was when they needed $15000 extra to put in new cabinets. So, they asked Christina’s dad. For God’s sake put it on a credit card. Then the dad comes in puffing and huffing like, I don’t know about this. I’ll have to ask Christina’s mother. Please! Stop the drama.

  • Renee Hudson

    How does this show stay on the air? She acts like she is a designer, no way she’s a designer. I’ve been in real estate for almost 30 years and they make some mistakes that shouldn’t happen.

  • william0507

    I would love to hear updates from people who bought from the El Moussas. I bet after 5 or so years that the houses start falling apart. I can tell that they use the cheapest, least experienced workers and super cheap materials. I really wish there was a show about flippers who do a nice quality job with expensive finishes.


    Question….Where is Izzy? Tariq and Christina were always giving him the side eye when he quoted prices as if he should be working for them for free.

  • Med Aik

    She is an absolute knockout, say what you will. She has a pretty face and a nearly perfect body. Her colloquialisms and college girl accent make her still more adorable.

    If you can’t appreciate her uncommon beauty and charm, you are either a jealous woman or a homosexual man.

    • Aaron Steckman

      Whatever you say Christina

  • Jen c

    This show is almost unwatchable to me, a big DIY and home improvement show addict. Why? Maybe laughable, but I cannot bear watching Christina bat those ridiculously long false eyelashes at the camera ( and me!)one more time! Can’t take them seriously in their endeavors because of her extreme vanity.

    • Wonder Womans Girlfriend

      So here’s a thought don’t watch!!

  • Daryl Bradshaw

    It is fake and the worst of it all is Fixer Uppers. Chip and Joanna Gains,she is about as bright as a bag of hammers herself. Then you get Mike (phony) Holmes,that has done nothing real in the art of home improvements since he started his career. Everything is done by Damon Benette and the staff for him,but he gets his name put on the show.His show is still showing on Current Shows when it has not been updated in over a year,same as half the other shows they have on their list.

  • Steve

    Christina El Moussa is the most annoying person on TV. Her voice is so irritating and the spoiled princess attitude gets old really fast. My blood pressure goes up every time I accidentally walk past the tv when these two jagbags are on. VOMIT.

    • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

      Me too and she is always talking while forcing a fake smile.

  • a a

    Christina’s voice is horrible, I have to watch it with the sound off sometimes….Someone below said it’s valley girlish,….it just sounds whiny….and there’s this annoying vibrato in it….can’t stand it…like nails on a chalk board. If she wouldn’t talk, the show would be fine.

    • dcnrmn

      Oh, come on. It’s not that bad.

  • lulubelle7893

    Horrible show! How can these “experts” purchase expensive homes without a home inspection? Fake and boring.

    • EarlBlackJesusMonroe

      Because the pay cash.

  • Vu

    I found a house in season 3 episode 1 on accident. o nvm its brother vs brother

  • Patchi

    voice coaches refer to it voice fry and it really annoys me too. Some one referred to it as Valley Girl and it is totally not. She has some sort of back woods twang that I can’t identify. They also should change the format in some way. Aric has used Christine’s three decorating ideas enough times she could probably stay home with the kids. That would make me very happy.

  • wokkawokka

    The wife annoys me… her fake eyelashes always talking at the top of her lungs and that lisp………
    Also, who the f–k goes into a low end neighborhood selling a house and showing up in a brand new Range Rover w/ huge rims? The couple seems cocky. This show has gotten lame. I don’t go into East LA in my Benz trying to sell a low income family a house. Disrespectful

  • East Van Musings

    I like watching these shows, but for a few things. Re: Flip or Flop, the wife is pretty disdainful to her partner. And in my mind, it’s obvious it’s the construction fellows, tilers and such who actually do the hard work, without credit, and the wife, will be filmed, standing up after, “tiling” or painting, with clean hands, nails, clothing, heels, and hair perfect. Most of these shows especially with women, even Extreme Homemakeover, will show the woman carrying or helping carry beams and furniture and such, when you know that when the cameras are off, it’s the grunt workers, again without recognition, who do all the hard labor.

  • Sherry C

    My opinion is that you are so ignorant that you cannot express yourself without using vulgarity.

  • Wonder Womans Girlfriend

    I love Flip or Flop it’s one of my favorite Reno shows. Who cares if every single detail is based on fact or fiction at the end of the day it’s TV people so get over it and let TV do what’s it’s meant to do entertain. If you don’t like the show change the channel and move on! There is no point putting people down and bad mouthing them! Where is the love?

    Another great reno show is Fixer Upper which happens to be my favourite of them all. So many great shows out there and we live in a time where there is so many to choose from. So to each to their own and just do you and let everyone else do what they do.

  • Joann

    Wow, I can’t believe all the haters here! You guys have very active brains! I love this show and I think this couple and their family are great! I think all the hate that I’ve just read here, are either very jealous or are idiots.
    Here’s a thought … If you don’t like them or what they do… why don’t you either change the channel or turn the tv OFF!

  • Don Trump

    I love the show. For all the haters who have written in, there is nothing I do not like about it.

  • Mc

    I watch several of these remodel shows and this couple are the dumbest people when buying houses. They never check anything out. I am amazed they haven’t gone broke.

  • Rooftop Voter

    Flippers such as these two merely perform cosmetic work. If they can avoid structural repairs, they do. As a contractor told me once, “Paint and putty cover a multitude of sins.” These two are so good at it they should have an MBA.
    Who does a house demo wearing flip flops and what’s with sweet cheeks prancing around in her newest Calvins?? Seriously doubt either of them hold a valid GC license and the entire show is built around their personal drama and how good they look on camera. Yeah, you see them starting to break up a wall or such but what you don’t see is the stand by crew that actually does the work and then they magically reappear for the money shot. Contrived and scripted, leave the TV on for background noise as you are definitely not going to learn anything worthwhile. It’s only entertainment.

  • Anna Harwell

    My husband and I recently attended the SuccessPath Seminar in the Nashville, TN area. We knew that Tarek and Christina would not be there. We were not that naive. What we were naive about was the idea that there would be information shared about the flipping aspect of the show. We have flipped several properties and we thought we might learn more. The seminar turned out to be a selling seminar for training…then more training…etc. I wish we had done our “homework” before we spent three hours in a useless seminar. We are very disappointed that Tarek and Christina would allow their names to be associated with this, (what seems in my personal opinion) huge scam.

  • Dumbbells Matt

    How come this couple never shows any negative comments during their open houses? To me this show is staged and very fake. I’ve flipped houses and their contractor prices are way WAY to low. There is some major BS going on with this show. Mr and Mrs America are not at all what they seem.

  • empressoftheeye

    Oh, goodie, let’s paint another house gray!

  • greg demoruelle

    I’ve been watching the show for awhile. Noticed that they have moved several water heaters. Have they ever used a tankless water heater?

  • Joanne

    I love this show — she does have a weird voice, can’t figure out if it is a speech impediment or not, but regardless, I still like it. I think Tarek is attractive in a goofy sort of way and his wife is very pretty, even with all the make up, etc. All these “reality shows” are not real because they wouldn’t be very interesting if they were. To me it is entertaining to watch and I get caught up in all the decisions and problems they encounter, kind of like like watching a movie or tv drama, which is not real either. I get it that a lot of people don’t like them, there are plenty of people on TV shows I don’t like either. But for what’s its worth I think it is one of the better shows on HGTV as well as Tiny Houses, and Love it of List it.

  • sarah

    I’m not a fan of this show, but I think they’re an adorable family. Taylor is adorable & so is Brayden. The one thing that bugs me (and the main reason I don’t watch the show often) is that they don’t change their design for the most part. I understand that they need to appeal to the most buyers and keep it neutral, but they should add some unique elements to their design. I can’t remember which episode it was, maybe s5e6, but there was one where Tarek designed the house himself and Christina loved it. I think they should do more designs like that, not make it look like every other flip they’ve done.

  • Bill

    I am rapidly losing interest in this show. They are always going to lose money,
    but in the end make lots. Seems staged and who would buy a property unseen or inspected?

  • Susan, San Jose

    I want to know why Christina only remodels in gray? Every show has gray walls, gray tile, gray granite, then there’s outside painted in GRAY! Why??? I hate gray !! Please explain why she does this. Drives me crazy

  • phardt

    Some pretty tough critics out there. We all know this is t.v. I would like to know where these shows get the furnishings? I’ve tried to catch it on the credits, but haven’t seen any companies that contribute the furniture. There are commercials, of course, and have noticed some Joss & Main labels as well as Way fair on some furniture. My husband and I are beginning the process of doing some renovating in our home and a condo we own out of state. I’m getting some ideas from the shows.

  • Kelly O’Leary

    Now that they have had another child, the show has to can its outdated introduction. It would help if Tarek could act and if Christina would take voice lessons.

  • wanda nevada

    whats the matter with all of you people? whatever happened to common decency? being happy for people who have found success? this is the same kind of hatred that our political candidates are preaching…..I love the show…I always enjoy the before and afters….I don’t care if some of it is staged or faked as you all say… beats watching all of the violent garbage and sex filled junk that’s on tv….and I cant even stomach CNN or fox news….but watching tarek and Christina is always fun….im a fellow yorba lindian and hope one day to run into them in one of our fine restaurants or malls, just to say hello…..

  • Constance Rauser Sheckler

    I like the show but Christina needs to take some diction lessons as she talks through her nose. Her voice is so annoying that I mute the tv whenever we watch the show. It’s a shame because she is a beautiful woman and has beautiful taste. I agree with everyone about the scripted shows, especially the one where their car got stolen. I don’t believe it

    • Oh man I’ve said that forever, she always sounds like her nose is completely stuck up. Her manner of speech overall is pretty bad. When it’s not nasal it’s lispy, and SO grating. They affirmed my belief that they are just acting (poorly), and it can be seem as a scam and not just another lying reality show. Since their whole schtick is about an adorable little family going thru health trials flipping houses, etc. after the real estate crash, all their products are fraudulent. Their show, their upcoming book, their seminars they never show up for, everything about them is fake.

  • Aaron

    I just saw my first episode about a house in La Puente Ca, and who on earth would buy a house for 225000 without seeing the inside first. Totally staged and an insult to my intelligence.

  • Sue

    Does anyone really believe any of these shows.

  • Pat payment

    I have come to the conclusion this show is a fake , no bank i know closes in 2 days, they are so phony , and who wears flip flops and high heels to a home renovation .

  • Dingus

    Jerry Seinfeld’s lookalike seems like he reads his lines off a cue card. Barbie is so annoying.
    Contender for most fake show on TV.

  • Mary Higgins

    Totally fake.

  • Donald

    its all fake FYI and HGTV are too predictable if you watch 1 episode of any of the shows you pretty much have watched them all that is sad and I’m surprised anyone still watches it

  • Steve

    The prices they “claim” for renovations are totally understated – they once gutted an entire master bathroom claiming a cost of only $8000 – which is absurd. I just gutted a shower only which cost $7000. Such fake costs certainly “help” the math when calculating profit

  • sickofthisshow

    HGTV. Stop showing this show promo about family Christmas. Maybe she could ask her boyfriend to help her!

  • Elizabeth edmondson

    Need to remove your ad on flip and flop. What a fraud. I won’t be watching. They knew they were t together so why do an ad showing then to be a happy family. Remove the program. .

  • Louie

    I totally agree about the staged,phony events. They really kicked in with the 2nd and 3rd seasons. One of the worst is now part of the show’s intro. Theres a pine tree right up against the house. Some idiot cuts off the top and it pokes a hole in the roof. There isnt an Arborist or Tree Trimmer in this Country that would cut the top off like that without tying off the top with rope or chain to keep it from crashing down. Then the one where they found the vagrant sleeping in their house to be reno’d. He must have been a sound sleeper not to be awakened by the crew setting up the lights and cameras! I could go on,but you get the picture. The shows turned out to be phony,the couple turned out to be phony and HGTV continues to be caught producing phony TV Series.

  • Georgethehistorywonk

    My wife watches HGTV. Yes, it’s faked, but it is a whole lot better than what ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox are pushing as “entertainment.”

  • Ann

    Never will watch flip or flop. Tarek asking for support. He doesn’t make enough. What a Ass

  • Cindy

    Who wants to watch this couple “fake” their way thru another boring episode of how wonderful everything turned out. TAKE THIS SHOW OFF. They are getting divorced, how can they “pretend” to be a happy couple working together????

    • Sanhearn

      Yes, it’s hard to not think about the pretense. I noticed early on that the couple didn’t seem very loving toward each other. He strikes me as possibly being a hothead–she seems like your typical, spoiled prima donna (“Look me! Look at me”!) How much you wanna bet she’s pushing to get her own show? Both of them seem stiff and neither one is a good speaker or a good actor. And from dumpy house to dumpy house, their reactions and mannerisms and words are almost always the same.

  • Sanhearn

    I am weary of “flipping” shows! They seem to dominate HGTV’s program lineup. And, oh, yay, I understand there are other reality show wanna-be “stars” looking to get rich flipping houses and adding yet another flipping show to HGTV! HOW I MISS THE DESIGNER SHOWS OF “YESTERYEAR”. Whatever happened to Candace and David and Jennifer, etc.?

  • mkhiggins

    Boring, fake, boring….. did I mention boring?

  • TL Blake

    I will not watch exes work together anymore. She should have left before cheating on him.

  • Shelly Windell

    I watch HGTV all the time, I have my dvr set to record certain episodes and flip or flop is one. Having common sense I know certain parts are scripted as with any reality tv show. But I have seen them have several flops, they have broke even on a couple of episodes and they have lost money on some. As far as Christina’s design choice she does her designs in colors like that for buyers. U can’t do a specific design choice that u like u have to think about the buyer. Just like joana on fixer upper all her houses look the same but that’s her design. I love how both ladies design!

  • Tony Morales

    This show has jumped the shark a long time ago, It started out great, then it slowly ended up like every reality series out there, scripted….
    Also- too many reruns, they need to film more often. I’m not sure if their break up was a publicity stunt to receive more attention.

  • Kitty

    This couple had “news” just a little while ago that they were not getting along, they were getting a divorce and their “show” was going to be cancelled. Now they are starting a new season? I am not interested in fake news or this couple. There are plenty of decent, outstanding restoration shows on HGTV, this will not be viewed by me anymore.

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